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                     Located at Margaret St. N. and Eldridge Ave. E., in North St. Paul.
 Our mission is to create a community garden setting that will foster
involvement, leadership and service opportunities for students, families and
neighbors, provide an outdoor classroom to support student learning and
allow families to grow their own food and reconnect with the earth.
The 2016 Season
Reserve your spot in the Cowern Community Garden for the 2016 season. For plot reservation materials click here or you may contact Cheryl at 651-748-7252 or Cowern garden has both individual plots and a community plot.
Individual plots: The individual plots have all been rented for the 2016 season. Grow your own vegetables and flowers. plot rental fees are $30 for 10 x 11 feet and $50 for 10 x 22 feet. The fee includes use  of garden tools, compost and water on site.
Community Plot: There is still room in the community plot for gardeners. Cowern garden also hosts a large community plot  which is perfect for anyone who is new to gardening, unable to use all the produce an individual plot will yield, or enjoys community service. In this plot you work with others planting, tending and harvesting. As produce ripens, you share the produce with the others gardening in this plot.  A portion of the harvest is also donated to the North St Paul food shelf. Don't worry about not getting enough produce, last year after the gardeners received their share, over 400 lbs of fresh vegetables were donated to the food shelf. The fee to garden in the community plot is $20 for the 2016 season. The fee includes seeds, seedlings, compost and water on site.
   An article about the educational opportunities that occurred during the 2014 growing season .
Photos from the First Season - 2011
The Birth of Cowern Community Garden - 2011 Season
The Cowern Community Garden is located on the former Cowern Orchard and Habitat land. In the fall of 2010, dead and dying trees were removed to make way for the community garden.  In March of 2011, the remaining trees were pruned. Over the next several years, the orchard will be restored to fruit bearing. On April 21st, a load of compost was added to the garden to begin the process of building up the organic matter in the soil. Thirty-nine families have been gardening this first season: Twenty-three in individual plots and sixteen in a community plot where gardeners will share the harvest with the North St Paul food shelf. On May 7th the first plants were planted in the individual plots. After numerous delays the fence was installed on June 6 and 7 - just in time as most of the garden had been planted and the deer and rabits were visiting nightly. Individual gardeners began harvesting from their plots the end of June and the first delivery to the food shelf was made on July 21. The community plot continues to make deliveries to the food shelf at least twice a week. Several gardeners have been working all summer to redesign and maintain the perennial gardens. There have been a variety of gardening classes as well as a Mid-Season and a Harvest party held at the garden. An Eagle Scout candidate chose the garden as the site of his Eagle project.  He built and installed an information kiosk, compost bin and garbage can enclosure on October 22, 2011. Fall compost has been worked into the soil and the garden now resting for the winter. The gardeners are dreaming about the 2012 season. The Cowern Community Garden has received donations from many community businesses and organizations.
Cowern Garden in the News
Gardening classes and resources are part of the community garden experience.
Thank you to those who have donated
to the Cowern Community Garden
SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Program)
The City of North St Paul
Sandberg Mortuary
Century Avenue Collision
North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale Rotary Club
Garry Insurancenter
Cathy and Brandon Miller
American Legion Post 39
Knights of Columbus
Pat and Cheryl Gysbers
Thank you to those who have donated
to the Eagle Scout Project
Henriksen Ace Hardware
Melissa Peloquin
Cathy and Brandon Miller
Cheryl and Pat Gysbers
Kathy and Gary Montz