Eagle Point Elementary School

SchoolDistrict 622

December 6, 2016

Things continue to be very busy at school as we are entering our last month of 2016.  As I was walking down the hall of our K-2 classrooms, there were six volunteers working with our students in different capacities!  Below is a picture of four of them working in small groups.  We are always looking to have volunteers in our school so you can see the great work we have going on as well as give students extra support and enrichment.  Please let me know if you are interested in volunteer opportunities.
 vol 1
The second graders in Ms. Finn's class also had the opportunity to learn a little cribbage to enhance their math skills the past couple of weeks!  It was fun to work with them on how math is used in different parts of our lives.
crib 1     Crib 2
Crib 3     crib 4