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ISD 622 Community Education provides lifelong learning experiences for people of all ages, abilities and cultures through community-based programs and services. 

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(For adult and youth classes, swim lessons, water fitness classes, and to make payments or access your Adventure Connection account.)

We have programs available for families, preschoolers, children, youth, adults and senior citizens.

provides free educational programs and services for students who wish to received their GED or brush up on basic skills. For more information or to register call 651-748-6225 or 651-748-6208.
provides learning opportunities for adults who want to learn a new skill, explore a new interest area, or enrich their personal or professional lives. For more information or to register call 651-748-7445 or 651-747-7437. 
adventure connection  
offers before and after-school, non-school day, and summer child care in the elementary schools. Students from kindergarten through fifth grade are welcome. For more information or to register call 651-748-7431 or 651-748-7432
offers all levels of swimming instruction, water safety instructor and lifeguard training, water exercise activities and recreation for preschool age children through adult. For more information or to register call 651-748-7434 
community bridge  
provides community inclusion for adults with disabilities and provides support and accommodations to facilitate their participation in a variety of community education programs. For more information call 651-748-7434.
drivers ed  
for the district serves over 300 students each year. Sessions are offered at both North and Tartan High Schools. For information call 651-748-7434.
is a program for families with children birth to kindergarten age. Classes include parent discussion, parent-child activities, and preschool classes. For more information or to register call 651-748-7280. 
ec screening  
is required by the State of Minnesota for all children prior to kindergarten entrance. Children are screened beginning at age 3. Families are notified by mail of screening dates and times. Call 651-702-8468. 
provides English lessons for foreign born adults with limited English ability. Call 651-748-7493.
 facility use
provides a space in school district buildings for a variety of activities by groups, organizations, and individuals. For more information or to register call 651-748-7439 or 651-748-7436. 
parent & family education  
focuses on the needs of parents with children in grades K-12 by providing classes, workshops, support groups and resource information. Call 651-748-7280. 
senior programs  
offers older adults educational, recreational, social, and heath/wellness activities as well as Senior Dining Club and Meals on Wheels. Information about community resources is also available to older adults and their families. Call 651-748-7251
 summer theater
is a joint effort of the theatre staff from both North and Tartan HS and is open to the entire community to produce family friendly quality theatre.
 youth enrichment
from crafts to karate, a variety of fun enrichment activities are offered to children and youth after school, during evening hours, Saturdays, non-school days and summer. For more information or to register call 651-748-7445.
youth service learning  
is a form of experiential education in which youth apply knowledge, critical thinking and good judgement to address genuine community needs. Young people learn and are involved in the planning and direction of the project as much as possible, reflect and evaluate the experience. For more information or to register call 651-748-7442 or 651-748-7445.
For adults and youth recruits: screens and trains volunteers to work in the schools and district educaton programs and provides community resources and educational programs to schools. Call 651-748-7251.
We encourage community involvement in the planning and delivery of our programs. we also work to develop leadership skills among our students and community members. 
Please explore our website to find out more about all of the Community Education happenings in District 622! 



community Education winter-spring catalog
Community Education Winter/Spring catalog
Community education provides lifelong learning experiences for people of all ages, abilities and cultures through community-based programs and services.  Programming is available for families, preschoolers, children, youth, adults, and senior citizens. 
Opportunities range from enrichment classes to GED preparation to English Language Learner classes to parent education classes to community involvement and leadership.

Adult Enrichment
Adult Enrichment classes and activities beginning the week of January 19th  can be found on the first 33 pages of the winter/spring Community Education catalog. To see the full class descriptions, dates, time, locations, fees and instructor biographies, as well as to register online, follow this link: Type AE in the search box and scroll through the complete listing of class offerings or type the specific class title into the search box.  

Register for 2015-2016 Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)

Families with children birth to five (before kindergarten) are invited to register for ECFE parent-child classes. Register on-line at or in person at Gladstone Center, 1945 Manton Street, Maplewood, MN, 651-748-7280.

 Stepping Stones Preschool Registration
Stepping Stones Preschool is a Community Education preschool program for 3 to 5 year olds. Classes are offered mornings and afternoons.  Stepping Stones Preschool meets at Beaver Lake and Gladstone Center.  Some openings are still available.  
Call 651-748-7280 or check the web at for more information.


Contact Us

Community Education

2520 East 12th Avenue

North St. Paul, MN 55109

Office Hours:
7:30 am - 4:30 pm (Monday - Friday)
Director: Terri Johnson, 651-748-7632

Administrative Support

Executive Assistant: Jeannie Lanz, 651-748-7631

Marketing and Program Specialist: Gabrielle Dabu, 651-748-7553 
Adult Basic Education – GED/ESL

ABE Coordinator: Scott Helland, 651-748-6202

ABE FacilitatorAdam Major, 651-748-6208

Fax: 651-748-6261

Adventure Connection

SAC Coordinator Devon Smith, 651-748-7634

Facilitator:Megan Pettit, 651-748-7428
Facilitator: Ellie Melson, 651-748-7585 

Clerk Denise Knutson, 651-748-7431

Clerk Roxanne Koons, 651-748-7432

Fax: 651-748-7497

Adult Enrichment/Community Bridge

Coordinator: Cheryl Gysbers, 651-748-7252

Clerk: Mary Kay Olson, 651-748-7232
Clerk: Francine Evans, 651-748-7251 
Fax: 651-748-7497

Coordinator: Linda Napoli, 651-748-7436

Clerk: Dawn Wheeler, 651-748-7439

Fax: 651-748-7497

ECFE Programs/Stepping Stones Preschool

Supervisor: Ruth Paisley, 651-748-7293 

Coordinator: Tracy Tessier, 651-748-7286

Clerk: Lynn Johnson, 651-748-7286

Clerk: Michelle Marcotte, 651-748-7274 

Main Office: 651-748-7280

Fax: 651-748-7292

Youth Programs

Coordinator: Angelica Torralba-Olague, 651-748-7446

Clerk: Lori Pevon, 651-748-7442

24-Hour Youth Registration Line, 651-748-7435

Fax: 651-748-7497

Facility Use
Coordinator: Linda Napoli, 651-748-7436

Clerk: Dawn Wheeler, 651-748-7439

Fax: 651-748-7497
Non-Public/Home School

Non-Public Nurse: Michelle Noha, 651-748-7557

Executive Assistant: Jeannie Lanz, 651-748-7631

Fax: 651-748-7637

Senior Programs

Coordinator:  651-748-7250

Clerk:  651-748-7251

Fax: 651-748-7497


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