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Free Nutrition Services App available 

A free school menu app is now available for ISD 622. Go to to access the app or download it free to your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play.  Choose your school and then either the breakfast or lunch menu. See the daily menu as well as nutrition information, pictures and descriptions of each item offered. Connect to PayPams or apply for Free & Reduced Meal benefits. The app offers a Spanish language translator too.  Learn more on the Nutrition Services web site at 

2nd Trimester Honor Rolls posted at:

CONNECTED CLASSROOMS  - We are getting closer to the launch of our Connected Classrooms pilot project.  Connected Classrooms is a technology initiative that brings student-owned learning devices into the classroom. Beginning March 9, 2015, students in the classrooms listed below can bring a personal learning device into the classroom. These Connected Classrooms will create a more engaging learning experience that prepares students for success in tomorrow’s world.
  • Drew Thompson – 6th grade Science

  • Lynn Wakefield – 6th grade Language Arts/Social Studies

  • Kellie Kroc – 6th/7th grade Science

  • Josh Wendorf – 7th grade Social Studies

  • Karena Hunt – 7th grade Language Arts

  • Lauren VanOverBeke – 6th/8th grade Science

  • Brenda Badger – 8th grade Language Arts

  • Joe Recchio – 8th grade Social Studies

  • Eric Berg – Art

  • Brent Evander – Special Education

Below is an FAQ to help parents and students prepare for our Connected Classrooms pilot project:

What kind of devices are recommended?

Skyview Middle School currently uses several devices in the classroom. While families may purchase a device of their own choosing, selecting one of these types of devices will ensure its compatibility in the classroom. Click here to see a list of devices.

What if my child doesn’t have a device?

No student is required to purchase a personally owned device for use at school and some district owned devices will be available for student use in the classroom and for check out.

How will my student use this device at school?

Currently, teachers use laptops and tablets in the classroom for a wide variety of hands-on learning opportunities that keep students engaged, such as: self-paced instruction, online learning, blended classrooms, innovative education applications, and expanded collaboration. Having student-owned devices available in the classrooms will both expand and enhance these opportunities and make these types of activities the norm instead of the exception.
How will the school provide a safe, online-learning environment?

Students utilizing the District’s wireless network on their device at school will still be subject to the District’s content-filter, which prevents students from accessing inappropriate materials via the web. In addition, students will also learn about managing their “digital footprint” in a responsible manner. While at home, parents should take an active role in monitoring their student’s online behaviors.

Where will my child be able to store their device when it is not in use?

Along with using their assigned locker as a place to store their device, students will be able to carry their device with them.  We would like students who are carrying their device throughout the day use a sinch sack like bag versus a large, heavy back-pack if possible.

Is the school responsible for my child’s device?

Per the district Student and Parent User Agreement – Internet/Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) - Students are responsible for their devices at all times while at school.  District 622 is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal devices.

Online Bullying Report Form 

To better meet the needs of students who may be victims of bullying, Skyview Middle School has created a new online reporting form that can be used by parents and students to report incidents of bullying.   If your child is, or knows of someone who is a victim of bullying, consider filling out this online form (link can be found on our website's Home Page). 


Of course, parents are always encouraged to call the school of any bullying situation.  The online reporting tool is not intended to replace that option but is intended to be a viable alternative for reporting.


Principal Blog and 60 Seconds of Skyview Middle School
Up-to-date information can be found via the:
Two Communication Tools for You

Skyview Middle School relies heavily on Parent Portal and our daily E-News to communicate to families.  E-News is our daily list-serv driven emails that update families about upcoming events.  Parent Portal is our way of granting parent access to teachers’ grade books.  If you have not already done so, please consider exploring Parent Portal and E-News to be kept up-to-date on things happening at Skyview Middle School. 

Text Message Notification and Alerts


In an attempt to better communicate with families regarding changes in the athletic schedules, we are going to be using Remind101 to send text messages to families regarding changes in after school game or practice schedules.


Click HERE for more information on signing-up. 



Welcome to Skyview Middle School, home of the Skyhawks. I am honored to be the principal of Skyview Middle School. We have an excellent educational program with outstanding students, staff and parents. Our goal is to work with all staff and parents to provide ALL students with a quality education that prepares them to be College and Career Ready. Research shows that students excel when parents are involved in their child’s education. We hope to develop a partnership with you that will empower your child to reach their full potential and make a positive contribution to society.

As our education partners, we ask all parents to insure that their students bring their Academic Binders, completed homework and other classroom materials as required by their teachers. We also recommend that you review your child’s progress via Parent Portal and discuss your student’s assignments and classroom performance on a regular basis. You may also call the school anytime to talk with a teacher or counselor to address any student concern. We hope that this process enhances the communication between Skyview Middle School and home.

With all of us working together, your student will surely SOAR with Pride.


Mr. Joe Slavin, Principal


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Dean of Students Jean Sorensen, 651-702-8019

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Counselor Jennifer Miley, 651-702-8033

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Guidance Secretary Sadiq Ahmed, 651-702-8031

Student Services

Social Worker Jennie Kula, 651-702-8105

Psychologist Heidi Shaback, 651-702-8176


Health Office
School Nurse Pat Weyandt651-702-8015
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