• 622 Project Family Connect Logo
    “Together, we are more effective than if we act individually.”
    '622 Project Family Connect' is an effort through which our district tries to help families connect to the services they need.
    Teachers and staff have witnessed families and students in our community struggle for social, mental health, income, and resource related reasons. We have observed the dire impact of these needs on the ability of children and youth to learn and the ability of their parents to flourish in our community. The goal of 622 Project Family Connect is to take the nationally recognized model of Project Homeless Connect and apply it to an event for struggling families and students in our community. The event will utilize school district assets and community connections to facilitate the important links required for families to become more stable and children more ready to focus on learning.
    622 Project Family Connect is an annual, one-day event that will host a variety of medical, dental, legal, mental health, social service, food support, and job support providers. We will also offer free items like toiletries and food. One of the main benefits of this model is everything will be in one place at one time.
    Research on the community connection model supports this project and the need is well documented. The philosophy does not place the responsibility on one organization to do everything, but instead relies on the community to come together to support struggling families of all make-ups.
    School District 622, guided by our mission and strategic plan, is motivated to leverage students and families toward success. While 622 Project Family Connect is not a panacea, it is one more piece of an important puzzle to healthy and successful students ready for tomorrow.
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