Welcome to North High Girls Soccer 

    The coaching staff of the North St. Paul High School Girls Soccer program is excited to begin the 2021 season! As a staff we strive to achieve success in all areas of life. Our purpose as coaches is to help young women (and men) become leading role models who show confidence, responsibility, and love for others and the game. To instill self-discipline, perseverance, and trustworthiness to reach their full potential. As a staff we want to create the memories that will last a lifetime for your girls they can share with their friends and families. 

     Head Coach

    Taylor Daas

    Assistant Coaches

    Aldo Nogueron- Barerra

    Jenna Kizlik

    Josiah Cargeor


    Emma Gagnelius

    Isel Hernandez

    Lili Ocampo

    Najwa Hassan

      Fall season starts Monday, August 16th

    Meet on Polar Field 10:00am-12:00pm

    Starting August 23rd Practice will be 3:00-4:30pm

    Girls Soccer...an exciting place to be!

  • Protocol:

    -10 minutes early is on time- on time is late. (Please contact any coach if you will be late, have to leave early or will be gone. We must have parent consent before practice begins).

    -Grades must be a C or higher in all classes to play in games- D or lower you will schedule a study session with a tutor, teacher or I to help get grades up. (Weekly grade checks).

    -Drug and Alcohol abuse- no tolerance- I will follow NHS protocol.

    -Cell phones put away during games and practices. Only emergency use. 

    -24 hour rule for missing practice & games (unless sick and missed school, refer to first bullet).

    -No driving to or home from games unless parent written consent.

    -Texting/ GroupMe chain is ONLY used for soccer North soccer information.

    -No hazing, bullying, undermining etc. will be tolerated. Consequence will be to sit one game (unless severe).

    -Conflicts with players or coaches will be held professional. As a coach we will respond within 24 hours and hold a meeting (virtual or face to face) with you regarding the situation. (no emails or texts).

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  • Hi everyone,


    Hope you are enjoying summer!


    Here are some announcements with some key required follow ups.


    1) Registration. Registration is now open.   Players will not be allowed to try out if they are not registered.  Please do not wait until the last minute.   Here is the link.


    2) Required Physical. Players are required to get a physical EVERY 2 years.   Here is a link to the latest form to be filled out if a physical is needed.   Again, please don't wait until the last minute as the school will not allow a player to tryout without this requirement.  Twin Cities Orthopedics is offering free physicals from July 24-27.  Reserve as spot if interested...here is link to the schedule.    Make your appointments ASAP.


    3) Parent/Player/Coaches Meeting.   Save the date.   Sunday, August 15th at 5:00pm on the Turf stadium.  LIVE & In person!   Coaches will review program policies, expectations and protocols,and go over the schedule for the 2020-2021 season.


    5) Tryout, Practice and Match schedules. While we understand you may not know what team your daughter may be on, you can see each team's schedule for the entire year on the school website and in the handout. For the most up to date document for matches, please always reference the Metro East site.   Please be sure to use this schedule in your planning (including player work schedules).


    As always, feel free to send me an email with any questions or feedback.


    Tryouts are not that far away!!


    See you soon.

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