Oakdale Elementary School

SchoolDistrict 622

  • Oakdale Pledge 
    Oakdale Tigers are RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and READY!
    I promise to RESPECT myself, others, and my school.
    I am RESPONSIBLE for doing my best in reading, math, and the rest.
    I promise to be READY by following all rules and directions.
    Let’s get respectful, get responsible and get ready . . .
    We’re GRRReat!!!


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     2017-18 Oakdale Elementary School Supply List
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     Wish List Items
    If you would like to donate any of the following items, we will gladly accept them! 

    Disinfectant wipes 
    Gallon and Quart size zip-seal freezer baggies
    Hand sanitizer
    Please note - these items are for donation only, you are not required to purchase them as part of the student classroom supply list.


     MN Tax Credit Resource:  
    MN Department of Revenue K-12 Tax Credit


    Free Nutrition Services App available 

    A free school menu app is now available for ISD 622. Go to www.isd622.nutrislice.com to access the app or download it free to your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play.  Choose your school and then either the breakfast or lunch menu. See the daily menu as well as nutrition information, pictures and descriptions of each item offered. Connect to PayPams or apply for Free & Reduced Meal benefits. The app offers a Spanish language translator too.  Learn more on the Nutrition Services web site at www.isd622.org/nutritionservices




    Students will demonstrate the knowledge, skills and values  essential for success in both school and life.


    We create a safe and positive learning environment, which encourages an atmosphere of community and celebrates the strength of our diversity.  Staff, students and families work in partnership to promote student achievement.



    Oakdale Tiger


Contact Us

  • Oakdale Elementary School
    821 Glenbrook Avenue North
    Oakdale, MN 55128

    School Day:
     8:45 am - 3:15 pm
    Office Hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
    Phone: 651-702-8500
    Attendance Line: 651-702-8502
    Fax: 651-702-8591

    Principal Tracy Buhl, 651-702-8510

    Administrative Support
    Office Coordinator Amy Boris, 651-702-8501 
    Receptionist DeLisa Shearod, 651-702-8507
    Health Office
    Health Education Assistant Nancy David, 651-702-8515
    Student Services
    Social Worker Jennie Kula, 651-702-8506
    Psychologist Molly Bevan, 651-702-8503

    Adventure Connection Site Supervisor
    Christina Harrington, 651-702-8598

    Parent Involvement Coordinator
    Hope Schirmer 651-702-8583

    Staff Directory
    You may search for Oakdale staff by last name or title. Choose from either of the lists below and click on the submit button.

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    • Baker
    • Bevan
    • Bjorklund
    • Bomgren
    • Bonn
    • Borgerding
    • Boris
    • Brown
    • Buffington
    • Buhl
    • Byrne
    • Carpenter
    • Conlin
    • Conniff
    • Corbett
    • Courteau
    • Cremers
    • Cremons
    • David
    • Daws
    • Delougherty
    • Didier
    • DonFrancesco
    • Drechsel
    • Dvorak
    • Ericson
    • Frampton
    • Girgen
    • Gleason
    • Grau
    • Harrington
    • Helmick
    • Hill
    • Houde
    • Huettl
    • Iliff
    • Ilkka
    • Jaworski
    • Johnson
    • Jones
    • Kula
    • Laue
    • LaViolette
    • Lee
    • Leko
    • Lewis
    • Lindekugel
    • Long
    • Lundquist
    • Maier
    • McKusky
    • Nakpil
    • Nelson
    • Newhouse
    • Niemeyer
    • Nievinski
    • Norman
    • Otte
    • Pittman
    • Primozich
    • Razskazoff
    • Schirmer
    • Shearod
    • Silvan
    • Sprout
    • Stensland
    • Stickels
    • Thao-Yang
    • Thoreson
    • Walcheski
    • Wells
    • Wert
    • Wyland
    • Young
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    • 1st / 2nd
    • 1st Grade
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    • 3rd Grade
    • 4th Grade
    • 5th Grade
    • Adventure Connection Site Supervisor
    • Behavior Intervention Specialist
    • Bldg Para
    • Building EA
    • Cafeteria Assistant
    • Cafeteria Manager
    • DAPE
    • Engineer
    • ESL Teachers
    • Health Education Specialist
    • Instructional Coach
    • Intervention Teacher
    • Kindergarten
    • Minnesota Reading Corp
    • Multiple Needs Teacher
    • Music Teacher
    • Office Coordinator
    • Parent Involvement Coordinator
    • PBIS
    • Phy Ed Teacher
    • PreK EA
    • PreK MRC
    • PreK Teacher
    • Principal
    • Psychologist
    • Receptionist
    • SAIL / Young Scholars Teacher
    • Social Worker
    • Special Education Teacher
    • Speech Teacher
    • STEM Specialist




  • Welcome to Oakdale Elementary,
    home of the Tigers!

    Our school is home to approximately 550 students in grades PreK-5. Our school also houses a multiple needs center, which works with families and students with developmental cognitive disabilities. Your children deserve the best, and each day our highly qualified and caring staff works extremely hard to make Oakdale an exciting home for children to grow educationally, emotionally and socially, and succeed to the best of their ability.

    Oakdale’s vision states that every Oakdale Elementary student, regardless of background and abilities, will be prepared to succeed in middle school and beyond.  As part of this goal, we have developed a school-wide plan of expectations for ours students. Every day Oakdale students practice behaviors to demonstrate that they are respectful, responsible, and ready to develop skills of self-control, character, orderliness and efficiency.


    “I promise to Respect myself, others, and my school”– Students practice this every day through kind behaviors in class, in the hallways, and in the cafeteria. We work to build a strong school community through fun activities like Jump Rope for Heart, the Family Dance, the PTA Spring Carnival, and our Multi-Cultural Variety Show.


    “I am Responsible for doing my best in reading, math, and the rest” – Oakdale students work very hard with their teachers to learn how to be successful students.


    “I promise to be Ready by following all rules and directions” – By making the commitment to be ready each day, to listen well and follow rules and directions throughout the school, Oakdale students prove time and again that they are ready for learning and ready for success.


    By practicing the skills of being respectful, responsible, and ready, Oakdale students do an excellent job preparing for a lifetime of achievements. Thank you to students and families for your hard work, smiling faces, and commitment to the Oakdale Elementary community.  Together, we’re GRRReat!!!