Our next meeting of the 2021-22 School Year will be:

    Thursday, October 14th

    6:30 - 7:30 Oakdale Elementary 
    Via Zoom. Please send an email to PTA and they will send you the link.
    Questions about PTA? Please email us at OakdaleMNPTA@gmail.com 


    Tiger Paw




    Parent - Teacher Association

    Over the last several years, Oakdale Elementary's PTA has been growing stronger and discovering the resources around and within us. We have gathered a talented and dedicated group of members who continually strive to better understand the needs of the school professionals, the parents and the children. We seek to participate in the policies, practices and events that make up the daily educational lives of those children and to do it in partnership with each other-parents, teachers, administrators, staff members, school officials and students. Together we will be a foundation that our children can depend on and, together, we can make their future the brightest that it can be. Please, come join us, as we make this year one of our best!

    Our meetings are held the third Thursday every month at 6:30 p.m. In the event of non-school days, watch the Tiger Tales newsletter for rescheduled meeting dates. Everyone is welcome, please join us!



    Volunteering Pays: Parents, grandparents and family members can help our school by taking part in matching contribution programs through their employers.




    PTA Information

     The purpose of the Oakdale Elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is:

    • To promote and encourage communication, cooperation and action among parents, teachers and the administration of Oakdale Elementary School, and the general community.
    • To work for increased educational opportunities for our children.
    • To obtain financial support as a non-profit organization when such support is needed to implement special programs, filed trips, classroom needs, and equipment for a well-rounded educational program for our children.

    To encourage community involvement in our school. 

    To promote a positive view of our educational system to parents and to our children and community.

    Key responsibilities of the PTA officers:

    1st Year Co-Chair 

    • Presides at all PTA meetings.
    • Responsible for efficient functioning of PTA and for public relations.
    • Liaison to Oakdale Elementary Principal.
    • Advises other officers.
    • Responsible for getting/keeping chairpersons for committees involved in school.
    • Directs inquiries to appropriate parties.
    • Responsible for providing chairpersons with proper guidelines and procedures involved in performing duties.

     2nd Year Co-Chair

    • Facilitates transition of duties to 1st year Co-Chair; general resource.


    • The treasurer is responsible for the filing of yearly taxes.
    • Makes deposits.
    • Pays all bills.
    • Compiles monthly report for distribution at PTA meetings.
    • Balances bank statements.
    • Maintains PTA requests for funds and deposits of funds documents.
    • Coordinates bills to be paid.
    • Collects moneys from chairperson or school persons for deposit.
    • Keeps records on off campus trips and "wash" (even exchange of moneys) for teachers.
    • Acts as liaison of financial matters with other teachers: Le. special request and following procedures for receipt of funds or making deposits. 


    • Records and retains minutes of all PTA meetings.
    • Distributes minutes as appropriate.

    PCC Representative

    • Attend Monthly meeting at Education Center (First Thursday of each Month)..
    • Report happenings of monthly meeting at PTA meeting. 

    CACC Representative

    Committees: If you'd like to participate on or have an idea for any of our committees, please feel free to contact the committee chair!