John Glenn Middle School

SchoolDistrict 622


    Please click on the attached parent letter for more information about the upcoming student surveys. 

    John Glenn Community Market Information - Please click on the link below for more information
    Next event: Wednesday, December 13th from 4:00 to 5:30 in John Glenn's Cafeteria
    All John Glenn families welcome! 

    Jet Fuel Program 
     John Glenn's Jet Fuel Program is up and running again this year.  With so many of our community's families struggling financially, Jet Fuel sends food home with students weekly. A bag of food is put in participating students' lockers weekly.  They slip the food into their backpack and take it home.  If your family is interested in joining our Jet Fuel Program, please contact our school counselor, Carla Korth at 651-748-6333.

    Follow us on Twitter @johnglenn_jets!    

     Dress Code Reminders:
    • The torso midriff/stomach area covered.
    • Halter tops and tube tops are not allowed.
    • Cleavage must be covered.
    • Sagging pants are not allowed.  Pants need to be pulled up so as not to expose boxers/underwear/shorts.
    • Shorts and skirts should come to mid thigh.
    • Outdoor jackets, coats, backpacks, purses and blankets are to be left in the lockers and not brought to class.
    • Hats/caps and sweatshirt hoods may not be worn in the building from 7:45-2:15. Exceptions are for medical or religious reasons.
    • Students may not wear any clothing with inappropriate language, pictures or messages promoting or advertising the use of chemicals or alcohol.
    • Shoes must be worn at all times.

    Students that are in violation of dress code will be asked to make changes before resuming the school day.


Contact Us

  • John Glenn Middle School
    1560 East County Road B
    Maplewood, MN 55109
    School Hours: 7:45am - 2:15pm
    Office Hours: 7:00am - 3:30pm (M-Th); 7:15am - 3:00pm (F)
    Phone: 651-748-6300
    Attendance Line: 651-748-6341
    Fax: 651-748-6391
    Principal Jill Miklausich, 651-748-6310
    Assistant Principal Marnie Galvin, 651-748-6302
    Dean of Students Jessica Cabak, 651-748-6311
    Athletic Director Denver Moeller, 651-748-6348
    Administrative Support
    Principal's Secretary Cheryl Conklin, 651-748-6301
    Athletic Hotline
    Counselor Carla Korth - Grade 6 (M-Z), Grade 8 651-748-6333
    Counselor Tom Berner - Grade 6 (A-L), Grade 7 651-748-6331
    Guidance Secretary Nancy Gustafson, 651-748-6334
    Student Services
    Social Worker Alison Scofield, 651-748-748-6332
    Social Worker Sai Thao, 651-748-6343
    Speech Clinician Courtney Rowan, 651-748-6448
    Psychologist Stefanie Lender, 651-748-6316 (Tuesday - Friday)
    Health Office
    School Nurse Corinne Ravenwald, 651-748-6315
    Fax: 651-748-6391
    School Liaisons
    Sharma Kuria and Vivian Keen, 651-748-6335
    Staff Directory
    You may search for John Glenn staff by last name or title using the Staff Directory located under About Us - Contact Us.


  • Welcome to John Glenn Middle School!


    Our 2017-2018 school theme is “Whatever It Takes.”  Our goal is for EVERY student at John Glenn to earn As, Bs, and Cs in all their classes – no Ds and Fs. 

    To accomplish this goal, we have teachers and academic support liaisons working with students before, during, and after school daily. 

    John Glenn is a special place with the adults constantly doing “Whatever It Takes” to support the learning of students and ensure every student is successful. 

    We are proud of the school we’ve created and love working with our students.

  • Attached is the John Glenn School Calendar for the 2017-2018 school year. It is a PDF document and can be printed for your convenience.