Ms Carrie Sinclair 
    Counselor for 6th-8th Grade N-Z
    651-748-6506  csinclair@isdt22.org 
    Click here to meet Ms. Sinclair 
    Counselor for 6th-8th Grade A-M
    651-748-6505  tschmit@isd622.org   
    Click here to meet Mr. Schmit 
    Ms. Karen Nyberg 
    Guidance Secretary
    651-748-6530 knyberg@isd622.org
    Fax:  651-748-6591

    Testing: MCA (see calendar on the main MMS page for details)
    6th Grade
    Reading April 
    Math May  
    7th Grade
    Reading April 
    Math April 
    8th Grade 
    Reading March 
    Math April 
    Science May 
    Registration Information
    Registration for our school should be done through our district enrollment center.  Click here for registration information, or call 651-748-7550.
    A Note from the Counselors:

    We can be your first contact if you have concerns about ...

    • Academics
    • Organization/study skills
    • Social/emotional/behavioral issues
    • Family issues which may affect school
    • Interpreting standardized test scores
    • Referrals for special education or a 504 Plan

    We meet with students, teams of teachers, special education staff and administration regularly. We can work as your liaison.


    Ways to stay in contact: