• Dress / Appropriate Clothing
    While we have no formal dress code for students, clothing can influence how children feel and act.  We are concerned about all children's health and safety, so the following guidelines do apply:
    • Clothing should be clean, neat, and in good taste
    • Clothing should not expose undergarments
    • During cold weather, we require students to wear hats, mittens or gloves, coats, and boots
    • During warm weather, students should not wear "short-shorts" or tops that expose a lot of skin (skinny strap tank-tops)
    • Black-soled shoes that leave marks on tiles are prohibited
    • Shoes with wheels in them are not allowed in school
    • Hats, caps, scarves, and hoods must not be worn in school
    All students should be wearing tennis-type shoes to school.  All classes are on the playground daily, even on days when they do not have Phy Ed.  We have made a commitment to providing daily physical activity for our students.  Open-toed shoes, flip-flops, and sandals should not be worn to school.  The pea-rock from the playground gets into these types of shoes and is beginning to damage the floors.  In addition, our grounds are seasonally sprayed with fertilizers and weed-killers.
                                  flip flops                  flip flops