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    Communicating with Your Child's Teacher
    Each teacher will let parents know the best ways to contact them.  Many teachers check their email regularly and find this a convenient way to communicate.  Classroom phones are generally not answered during the school day but parents may leave a voice message or contact the office at 651-702-8200 to leave a message for a teacher.
    Formal Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled twice each school year.  These are considered very important, so please make every attempt to attend.  Should you wish additional conference time with school personnel, please don't hesitate to let us know.  Teachers and staff are happy to meet with parents to discuss any concerns.
    Panda Folders / Backpacks
    Newsletters, important notes, forms, and other materials are sent home regularly in students' blue Panda Folder.  Please make time to check your student's folder and backpack daily to ensure that you are getting any important information.
    Panda Print Newsletter
    Every other Friday (bi-weekly) students receive a blue Panda Print newsletter.  These newsletters are a wealth of information about what is happening at school.  
    Please, if you have any concerns, let us know!  By that same token, if you are happy with the progress your child makes, let us know that too  We love to hear from you!