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    e-flyers replace paper flyers
    Community groups and non-profit organizations within the ISD 622 school district area offer many meaningful enrichment activities and events throughout the year. Many of these groups ask to share information with our students and families. These requests generate a high volume of printed flyers. 
    In order to continue to share information, but reduce the number of unsolicited flyers sent home to families, ISD 622 has created this webpage in order to share information about upcoming activities and events. ISD 622 does not endorse or sponsor these activities. This information is provided as a community service to our families. 

    Posting, rather than sending printed flyers home with students, conserves resources and saves costs for both the District and the community group or organization.
    Elementary students may still bring home flyers from district- and school-sponsored events such as school carnivals, book fairs, after school activities, field trips and Community Education activities. Schools will also be able to post these opportunities on the e-flyer site.
    The e-flyers will be posted on the elementary, middle or high school page (s) as requested by the community organization. Flyers will be posted in PDF format and can be viewed on any device or printed at any time. An e-flyer icon will link each school site to the e-flyer information on the District website.
    ISD 622 is not responsible for any incorrect information on the flyer. The District reserves the right to discontinue or retract any e-flyer posting.

    e-flyers - Learn more about activities offered in the community
    e-flyer Guidelines for Community Groups & Organizations
    • Download and complete the Permit to Distribute Information Materials form. 
    • e-flyer must include name of community organization as well as name, email and phone number of a contact person.
    • e-flyer must include a disclaimer at the bottom stating "This activity is not sponsored by ISD 622".
    • Submit the completed form, along with a PDF copy of the flyer containing the required disclaimer, to the ISD 622 Communications Office via email (mdrake@isd622.org) or fax at 651-748-7413
    • To save the permit form and submit it electronically use SAVE AS. Rename the permit request form using the organization name and date of the request. 
    • PDF file size should not exceed 2 MB in size. If you don't have a PDF copy, we can scan a hard-copy but scanning can reduce the quality.
    • The Superintendent or designee will review and determine whether the materials are approved for posting on the e-flyer site.
    • If approved, ISD 622 will email a signed copy of the permit to the requesting organization indicating approval and posting of the flyer.
    • ISD 622 will post the flyer on the e-flyer site and notify schools of the addition. ISD 622 will also include links from school websites and other electronic communications to the e-flyer site.
    NOTE: ISD 622 no longer distribute hard-copy flyers directly to students in classrooms. However, some schools may still offer flyers in their school offices for walk-in parents, or on a bulletin board. If your flyer has been approved, you may contact a school directly to inquire if they would like 10-15 office copies. School contact information is provided upon approval.