• Homework
    Homework provides a means of extending students' classroom experiences#  Homework may be assigned to students Monday through Friday, depending on teacher discretion#
    Homework is designed to relate meaningfully to classroom learning and should be designed to fulfill one or more of the following purposes:
    • Strengthen basic skill and give extra practice on work that has been introduced in class
    • Extend and enhance school-learned knowledge and skills
    • Reinforce study habits
    • Develop initiative, responsibility, and self-direction
    • Stimulate independent thinking
    • Increase the range and scope of student interests
    • Foster worthwhile use of leisure time
    The teacher's responsibility:
    • The purpose of the assignment and its relationship to what has been taught in class will be clearly defined by the teacher and understood by the students
    • The teacher will plan with students not only what to do but how to do it; teachers will only assign homework that covers skills previously taught in the classroom
    • Assignments will grow out of classroom activities and will be meaningful, interesting, and varied
    • Homework assignments will reflect the wide variety of subject areas taught in an elementary classroom
    • Assigned homework will be acknowledged and corrected
    The amount of time spent on homework will vary as follows:
              Kindergarten          5+ minutes per day
              1st grade               10+ minutes per day
              2nd grade              20+ minutes per day
              3rd grade               30+ minutes per day
              4th grade               40+ minutes per day
              5th grade               50+ minutes per day
    This may include nightly reading#  Please contact your child's teacher if the amount of time your child spends on homework consistently exceeds these recommendations#
    The family's responsibility:
    • Provide an encouraging atmosphere, free of distractions, for study
    • Provide physical space and time for study
    • Provide homework tools, such as crayons, glue, paper, pencils, scissors, etc.
    • Ensure that your child completes and returns the assignments on time
    If your child will be absent for an extended time, ie. family vacation, please note that teachers cannot always provide homework assignments in advance#  Students will be responsible for missed written assignments.  Many hands-on classroom activities, however, cannot be made up.
    The student's responsibility:
    • Make sure assignments are completely understood
    • Complete homework accurately and neatly
    • Turn in assignments on time