• District 622 Wellness Activities

    Wellness Policy 
    In 2017, the ISD 622 School Board approved a new wellness policy which sets forth methods that promote student wellness, prevent and reduce childhood obesity, and assure that school meals and other food and beverages sold and otherwise made available on the school campus during the school day are consistent with applicable minimum local, state, and federal standards. 

    Wellness Committee
    The ISD 622 Wellness Committee meets several times each year. The committee provides input on the Wellness Policy Guidelines and Procedures. The group also oversees the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) grant activities occurring within ISD 622. If you are interested in being part of the Wellness Committee, contact Alecia Gustafson at agustafson@isd622.org.

    SHIP-supported Activities in ISD 622
    Since 2010, grants from Ramsey County Public Health and Washington County Public Health and Environment have allowed ISD 622 to provide programs supporting healthy school nutrition and physical activity. 

    Salad Bars: Several elementary schools received salad bars to provide another healthy option for students. The salad bars are scaled in size to elementary-age students.

    Water Bottle Fillers: Water bottle fillers were added at both high schools in high traffic areas as well as at two middle schools. The bottle fillers support students' ability to consume more water throughout the school days as well as being available to the public during after-school, evening and weekend activities.

    School Stores: Healthy Snacks - Each high school store received a refrigerated cooler to allow them to sell healthy snacks including yogurt, cheese sticks and other items requiring refrigeration to students and staff.

North water bottle filler
Healthy Rewards and Celebrations handout