• Interpreting and Translation Services

    Our school district invests in Bilingual Cultural Liaisons to assist our families and staff in breaking through the language and cultural barriers for our families who speak certain languages. Bilingual liaisons are located in certain buildings but can be contacted for interpreting services as well
    Staff members can use the menu below to look up internal Interpreters & Liasons or visit the Staff Resources page (requires login) to download information on external Interpreting and Translation Services. 
  • Hmoob

    Yog koj xav tau ib tug Hmoob txhais lus, thov hu rau tus xovtooj (651) 238-7750



    Si quiere más información en español acerca de este sitio o cualquier otro asunto, por favor, llame al (651) 230-9896 o (651) 587-9586



    Haddii aad u baahan tahay macluumaad this turjumay Soomali fadlan la xiriir(651) 592-3959 ama (651) 203-4616

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