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    My Child as an English Language Learner 
    It is important that parents feel connected to their children's education and become involved and knowledgeable about their academic programs. If you would like to know more information about your child's EL education or any other matters feel free to contact any of the EL staff who will be more than willing to help. 
    What does the term English Language Learner (EL) mean?

    Students who speak a language other than English in their home or as their primary language. These students typically benefit from specialized and/or modified instruction in English and other subjects. Supporting EL students in these ways will help them be successful in school.

    How and when was my child identified as an EL?

    Students are usually identified as ELs during the enrollment process using the Home Language Questionnaire, however we often have self-referrals or teacher referrals from students who are having difficulty in any one of their classes.

    What level is my child and what does that mean?

    We use the different tools and resources to help gather samples of language use from the students, these samples help us determine what level of command students have. The different levels are described here.

    What type of language support service, or language program is my child entitled to receive?

    Your child will receive instruction from EL teachers and content teachers, they are entitled to receive the correct support to help them reach a proficient level in English. Once students achieve level 5.0 on ACCESS or W-APT tests they qualify for exiting the program if seen fit by staff at district 622.


    How will the language program and support services help my child succeed academically?

    The EL program is designed to offer comfortable environments for students to explore the English language and develop to a point where they are no longer affected by language in academic and professional environments. 


    Will my student stop receiving services?

    Students who achieve a 5.0 level or higher on the ACCESS OR W-APT tests are candidates for exiting the program if seen fit by staff at district 622. Parents can also opt to deny EL services for their children, though this is not recommended as it may hinder students' ability to succeed academically.

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