• Parent and Community Involvement

    District 622 must involve parent and community in the planning, development and implementation of the language instructional program.

    5.1 Evidence that district 622 has an environment and policy that is inviting and welcoming to parents and families.

    Each school and district 622 center have welcome signs in multiple languages. When it is determined a family needs interpretation services, bilingual liaisons are called in to assist with the registration process. Liaisons also go with the families to the schools to give a brief tour and tell families about school procedures. Liaisons are made available for conferences and school events as well. Several EL teachers and other staff are also fluent in Spanish. District 622 is implementing a family involvement program called Family Project. There is certain and targeted design in this program to emphasize the cultural and linguistic diversity that creates an equitable approach to meeting the needs of English learners.

    5.2 Evidence that parents and community members are involved in the planning, development and implementation of the EL program.

    Currently, the parental involvement design is targeted at the development and implementation of the all aspects of EL programming. Parents and community members are included in this planning.

    5.3 Evidence that effective means of outreach to parents of EL are implemented.

    District 622 is currently implementing multilingual parent surveys and working in collaboration with the Integration and Equity Department of district 622.  These opportunities allow families of students within disttrict 622, both EL and non-EL families alike, to build their understanding of academic programs and community resources.

    5.4 Evidence that district 622 communicates with parents regarding their children's participation in the language instruction education program in an understandable and uniform format and to the extent practicable in a language that the parents can understand.

    EL teachers report to parents of beginning level EL students using report cards for the first and third trimesters. A conference format is used for the second trimester. Bilingual liaisons are used continually by families and staff to facilitate ongoing communication.

    This includes a description of District 622's communication process with appropriate timeline as it relates to LIEP notification.

    • Within ten days upon entering the program; AND
    • Parent option to decline services.

    Federal (Title III):

    • Within 30 days upon entering the program;
    • Annual notification;
    • Results of most recent language proficiency assessments;
    • Program description;
    • Average number of years that EL are in district 622's program;
    • Parent option to decline services; AND
    • District graduation rate of EL.