Session 4
    March16th - April 17th
    The 4th round of TOPS classes will begin the week of March 16th and run through April 17th. Permission forms should be signed and returned to the main office or to your student's advisory teacher by Monday, March 16th
    Many of our classes have limited space. Therefore, students will need to sign-up for classes each session to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate in the classes of their choice. Click here to print a copy of the Session 4 TOPS permission slip.
    There are several classes being offered after school that are not listed on this permission form. Students have been directed to talk to the instructors of these classes if they would like to participate.
          Mondays                                Tuesdays                               Thursdays
    Competitive Robotics               Competitive Robotics                    Iron Warriors
    Ghormely                                      Ghormley                              Lyle & Keefer
    Iron Warriors                              Iron Warriors                        Reading and K-Pop
    Lyle & Keefer                              Lyle &  Keefer                               Pachla
                                                      YMCA Leaders
                                                        YMCA Staff