2018 Tartan Volleyball Tryouts

  • Volleyball Tryouts - August 12th, 13th and 14th 


    Tartan volleyball tryouts will begin on Monday, August 12th. 


    See below for tryout groups and times:

    Incoming 9th graders : 5:00PM - 7:00PM 

    Incoming 10th -12th graders:  6:00PM - 9:00PM 

    Please email Coach Wise at aengel@isd622.org if you have any questions.  


    What we are looking for: 




    Good Communication 

    Good Teammates


    Knowledge/IQ of the game 

    Tryouts will include:

    Skill Evaluation

            *We will be using stats to track skills such as serve receive, serving efficiency, blocking, attack efficiency, etc. 

    Fitness Evaluation

            *We will test for vertical jump, speed, etc. 

    "Intangibles" Evaluation

            *This is where we look specifically for the qualities that will make you a good fit for Tartan Volleyball. This includes being coachable, being a good teammate, having good communication and great effort while you are playing."

    Team Play Evaluation

            *There will be a lot of team play on the last 2 days of tryouts. This will give us a look into how you play while put in different situations and how you interact with the players on the court around you. 

    Day 1 - Skills/Fitness Evaluations

    Day 2 - Skills/Intangible/Team Play Evaluations

    Day 3 - Skills/Intangible/Team Play Evaluations - Teams will be announced during this session. 

                          *IF cuts are made, they will be made by the end of their session on August 15th. 


    Please contact Coach Engel for any further information or with any questions at her district email - aengel@isd622.org - thank you. 


    Tryouts will last three days, with teams determined by Wednesday. Thursday, August 15th is also the Player/Parent Meeting from 6-8pm. We will cover team policies, rules, etc. Please come ready to ask questions if you have any. All players must attend with at least one parent/guardian. 


    Official practices will begin Thursday, August 15th.