• Frequently Asked Questions 
    We will continue to add to this list of questions about the school district’s November 8 levy request. If you have a question not listed here, please email levy@isd622.org or call 651-748-7629.
    Q1: Why is the school district asking for more money?
    • State funding has not kept pace with inflation, nor with increasing educational needs. District 622 has not increased its operating levy since 2002, and the District has cut nearly $34 million since 2005-06. If the levy request is not approved, the District is projecting $3.5 million in cuts for 2017-18.
    Q2: What is the levy request for?
    • The request is to increase the school district’s operating levy by $630 per student for ten years, adjusted annually for inflation. If approved, the levy would generate approximately $6.8 million per year for the next ten years (expiring 2027) to:
      • maintain existing academic programs
      • support struggling learners 
      • improve student and school safety
      • expand accelerated learning opportunities
    Learn more on this fact sheet 

    Q3: How does School District 622’s levy compare to others?
    Levy comparison chart

    Q4: What will happen if voters do not approve the levy request on November 8?
    • If voters do not approve the levy increase, the school board has determined the lack of additional funding could result in:
      • class size increases due to teacher cuts
      • cuts to staff and programs that help struggling and advanced learners
      • reduced support for academic and behavior interventions
      • fewer electives at secondary level
      • inability to invest in updated classroom technology
      • reduced busing for middle school activities
      • increased walking distance for students
    Q5: What does the ballot say?
    • The November 8 ballot will be very crowded, with races for president, legislature, school board and other items. On the ballot, the school district’s levy request is called “School District Question 1: Approval of School District Referendum Revenue Authorization.” A sample ballot can be found here: https://www.isd622.org/levyresources
    Q6: What is the tax impact for a homeowner?
    • If the levy is approved, the tax impact on the average homeowner ($190,000 value home) would be less than $16 per month. An online tax calculator is available here - www.isd622.org/levytaximpact - to determine the impact on any value home. 
    Q7: Where do I vote?
    • Complete information about voting – including a pollfinder, sample ballot and information about early voting – can be found here: www.isd622.org/vote.
    Q8: What is the school district’s current levy amount?
    • The current District 622 operating levy generates approximately $930/student ($10.5 Million per year) and is the lowest among the top 20 largest districts in the Twin Cities metro area (District 622 is #12 in size in metro area). The current levy was renewed in 2013 and expires in 2023.
    Q9: Why does this matter to me if I don’t have children – or if I send my children to private school or another school district?
    • Research shows that strong schools build strong communities. Schools directly affect a community’s vitality and home resale values. The more attractive a community is, the more likely people are to live, work and shop there. If you have children who attend elsewhere, District 622 schools are educating children all around you - who live, work and play in your neighborhood, alongside you and your children.
    • According to realtor.com, "Good schools provide stability for a community, and that’s good for the property values of everyone who lives nearby.” In addition, a 2013 realtor.com survey of nearly 1,000 prospective home buyers showed that 91 percent said school boundaries were important in their search. More about home value and the quality of schools:
    Q10: Who paid for the new outdoor sign at Cowern Elementary? 
    • Funding for the Cowern sign was provided by Lowes as well as the Cowern PTO and Cowern families who attended the spring carnival and supported students who participate in the school Fund Run. No district funds were used in the construction of the sign. School District 622 parent groups and booster clubs fundraise to supplement the needs of schools, clubs and teams, paying for items not feasible for schools to buy given our budget challenges. These groups help pay for field trips, coaching staff, uniforms, printing and more.