• Why attend ECFE? 

    ECFE is for your child AND for you!

    ECFE classes are offered at two Early Learning Centers in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. ECFE classes are for all parents and children from birth to 5 years old and have a sliding fee scale. No one is denied participation for inability to pay. 

    A typical ECFE class has three components:

      1. Parent-Child Time
        You and your child spend time together enjoying activities designed to enhance their learning. You will leave with new ideas for things to do together at home.
      2. Parent Time
        Meet with other parents and a licensed parent educator to discuss topics such as development, temperament, discipline and getting ready for school. The parent time takes place in a separate room or in a designated area of the children’s classroom for non-separating classes.
      3. Children's Classroom
        While you and other parents participate in parent time, children learn through play in the classroom with a licensed early childhood teacher and a paraprofessional. Children will enjoy music, art, stories, large and small motor activities as they interact with other children. 

    Our parents tell us:

  • It’s good for children.

    Your child will:
    • Experience a safe place to learn and get ready for preschool, kindergarten, and beyond
    • Have an opportunity to socialize with other children and develop relationships with new adults
    • Participate in activities and challenges that contribute to healthy social, emotional, and physical development
  • It benefits parents AND children.

    Together you will:

    • Learn skills and routines that can easily be adapted for use at home
    • Have special and meaningful time focused on each other
    • Experience a successful transition into kindergarten
  • It’s helpful for parents.

    Parents will:

    • Make connections with other parents in your community, gain support from one another and benefit from the understanding that “I am not the only one going through this” in an environment where parents can be candid and honest about parenting challenges
    • Learn how they can better help their children now and in the future
    • Understand the school system and how the educational system works here. It prepares parents to be involved in their child’s education beginning in the early years, which helps children do better in school.