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    Job Title: TEAM CAPTAIN

    Reports to: Head Coach and all Assistant Coaches

    Position Purpose/Summary: Be a strong leader by example (one of the hardest workers on the team, displaying a high level of commitment, focus, intensity, passion, and effort) and strong vocal leader with good communication skills (one who will encourage, support, and hold all teammates accountable). The primary purpose of the CAPTAIN will be to positively influence teammates on-and-off the wrestling mat, at all extracurricular school and non-school activities, and in the local community.


    The TEAM CAPTAIN will be expected to:

    • Be on time to all team practices and team functions.
    • Promote a positive attitude and positive team interactions - every day. practices and matches.
    • Be a positive role model concerning: commitment, intensity, confidence, response to mistakes, composure, hustle, and a “team first” focus.
    • Help settle team conflicts and be willing to confront and hold teammates accountable for their behaviors on and off of the wrestling mat.
    • Work closely with and be the “point-person” for the coaching staff.
    • Encourage and support all teammates.
    • Lead the team throughout the season (in good and bad times).
    • Perform other related team duties (as needed or requested by the coaching staff).
      • Match/Tournament set-up and clean-up
      • Responsible for attendance for practice/matches
        • Run make-ups (for missed practices/matches)
      • Lead practice warm up.
      • Lead pre-match warm up.


    The TEAM CAPTAIN will be asked to perform his roles at all times. This includes situations when the team is not performing well, in the midst of a bad practice, when teammates are struggling to get along, and when coaches and/ or teammates are negative in what they say and how they interact with one another.


    The TEAM CAPTAIN will be asked to:

    • Be the hardest worker on the team
    • Model mental toughness
    • Develop strong team relations
    • Provide energy and passion 
    • Support teammates and coaching staff
    • Challenge teammates to get better and work harder.
    • Confront (in a constructive way) teammates’ negative attitudes, complaining, gossip, and lack of effort
    • Refocus the team when distraction occur.
    • Make good decisions (on-and-off the mat)
    • Check in with the head coach weekly


    • Passion and enthusiasm
    • Energy and hard work
    • Commitment to be the BEST
    • Good verbal and nonverbal communication skills
    • Strong character (good decision-making)
    • Confidence and mental toughness
    • Assertiveness (to do what is needed)
    • Composure (to remain cool and calm under pressure)