• Preschool Swimming Lessons

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    • Children participate in the water without a parent/adult partner 
    • Classes are 30 minutes
    • Classes emphasize water safety and basic introductory swimming concepts

    (Preschool 1)
    For children who will not readily put their faces in the water. This class increases their comfort level in the water while introducing them to basic swim skills such as front and back float, backstroke with flutter kick, and jumping in.
    Bobbers (Preschool 2)
    For children  who will put their faces in the water and are comfortable in the water. Basic swim skills taught include front and back float, assisted front crawl, assisted elementary backstroke, and front and back glide.
    Super Kids (Preschool 3)
    For children who can swim 10 feet with their faces mostly in the water with minimal help from an instructor. Super Kids often have fundamental swim skills but are not ready for the larger class and longer class time of Level 1. Skills taught are front and back float, front and back glide, front crawl, elementary backstroke, holding breath under water, and turning over.