• Youth Swimming Lessons

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    • For children 6 years and older
    • American Red Cross Learn to Swim Levels 1–6 give youth the opportunity to swim in a safe environment. Students learn to swim at their own pace and master skills as they progress through the 6 levels
    • Classes are 55 minutes 
    Level 1 & 2: Introduction to Water Skills
    Entry level class. Swimmers will develop a good foundation of water adjustment, movement, and safety. Skills include floating, gliding, treading water, changing direction, combined arm and leg movements, life jacket safety, and staying safe around water. 

    Level 3: Stroke Development
    For children who have passed Level 2 or have equivalent skills. Emphasis is on endurance and improving stroke proficiency of the front and back crawl. Other skills include jumping in from the side, headfirst entry from sitting and kneeling positions, dolphin and scissors kick, and an introduction to deep water swimming including survival float.

    Level 4: Stroke Improvement
    For children who have passed Level 3 or have equivalent skills. Focus will be on refining front crawl and elementary back stroke with attention to detail and developing endurance. Skills also include breaststroke, butterfly, back crawl, sidestroke, swimming underwater. 

    Level 5: Stroke Refinement
    For children who have passed Level 4 or have equivalent skills. Emphasis is on refined coordination and improved endurance of all previous strokes. Flip turns and multiple surface dives are introduced.

    Level 6: Swimming and Skill Proficiency
    For children who have passed Level 5 or have equivalent skills. Emphasis is on refining core strokes so participants swim them with ease, to improve power, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances and length of time. Level 6 is designed with “menu” options so participants can focus on lifetime fitness and safety, as well as more advanced courses such as Water Safety Instructor, lifeguarding and/or competitive swimming. Options include:
    Personal Water Safetyskills include self-rescue techniques, survival float and survival swimming 
    Fitness Swimmerteaches principles to increase and evaluate fitness