• Mission, Values & Strategies for Success

    Our Mission

    We commit each day to develop and empower lifelong learners who thrive in diverse communities.

    Mission Outcomes

    1.  Each learner will use creativity, critical thinking, and intercultural competence to address real world challenges.
    2.  Each learner will develop and embrace their identity, strengths, interests, and self-advocacy skills to actively navigate their learning pathway.
    3.  All students are ready for Kindergarten.
    4.  All third grade students are proficient readers.
    5.  All eighth grade students are proficient mathematicians.
    6.  All students graduate from high school.
    7.  All students attain college and career readiness.
    8. Close achievement gaps for all student groups.


    Core Values

    We believe that:

    • Strong communities are inclusive and value diversity.
    • Trust and transparency are essential to healthy and enduring relationships.
    • Continuous learning and service to others are imperative to individual and community progress.
    • Individuals learn and thrive through connections in a safe, caring, and supportive environment.
    • Every individual has incredible potential and equal intrinsic value.
    • High expectations with appropriate support result in growth.
    • School, family, and community partnerships enhance and support learning. 



    1. We will engage our internal and external community to help us achieve our mission and mission outcomes.
    2. We will develop and enhance community partnerships that support our mission and align with our core values.
    3. We will develop and enhance programs and practices that ensure engagement of our diverse learners to achieve our mission outcomes.
    4. We will build competitive 622 E-12 pathways that prepare all students for post-secondary.