• ARAG Legal Insurance

    ARAG Legal Benefit

    Who is eligible: Clerical staff (10 mo, 11 mo and 12 mo), Non-Units, Principals, Teachers

    What the benefit provides:

    1. Oral Advice and Consultation  – Unlimited
    2. Office Work – Up to 10 hours
    3. Defense Representations – Up to 10 hours
    4. Plaintiff Actions – Up to 10 hours
    5. Juvenile Court Proceedings
    6. Litigation Expenses – up to $2,500.00
    7. Major Trial for covered benefits – Up to $10,000


    How to use the benefit?

    1. Contact a ARAG Customer Service Representative at 800-247-4184
    2. The Customer Service Representative will discuss the situation, assist finding an in-network attorney and provide a CaseAssist Number.
    3. Contact an attorney of your choice. Using an in-network lawyer will give you the greatest benefit, but there is coverage outside the network. 


    Documents for your reference: