Family Resources

    Safety Tips

    • Teach children to use the buddy system. There is usually more safety for children in groups. Group play before and after school is best on playgrounds and around the neighborhood.
    • Role-play with children to teach safety measures with strangers. Teach them to take several steps backward when approached by strangers; then stay out of arm's reach and run to a safe area.
    • Establish good communication with children to ensure they will readily report to you any unusual occurrences.
    • Be sure your children memorize parents'/guardians full names, addresses, phone numbers, and places of employment.
    • Avoid putting your child's name on the outside of clothing, backpacks, etc. This practice makes it more difficult for strangers to speak to children by using their names in a familiar manner.
    • Teach children where safe homes or buildings are in case children need to run to them. Identify which neighbors are available to help when you are not at home. In an emergency situation, children should be advised to run to the nearest house for assistance. Teach children to avoid alleys and empty lots, houses, or garages.
    • Parents should notify both the school and the police if an incident occurs anywhere or anytime.
    • Stay informed about before and after school supervision times, and avoid sending children to school too early or allowing them to linger too long after school.