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    What teams do you offer?

    We offer 2 teams. 


    Varsity White- Competition team

    *Attends 5-7 competitions a year

    *Attends Nationals (if received a bid)

    *Options to cheer for football, basketball and hockey (Cheerleaders choose which they want to cheer for)


    Varsity Black- Sideline & GameDay team

    *Attends 2-3 competitions a year

    *Cheers for football, basketball and hockey (Cheerleaders choose which they want to cheer for)


    What team can I be on?

    The team you are on is determined during tryouts. You MAY be chosen to be on both teams. You will then have the option of cheering on both or choosing just one.

    Judges will be looking for spirit, execution of material and attitude. Students will know that night which team they made via email and social media. 


    How many are on each team?

    Varsity Black         10-15 cheerleaders

    Varsity White        13-17 cheerleaders

    *Team size varies each season based on returning numbers*


    What grade do you need to be in to cheer at North?

    Currently, cheerleaders need to be in grades 9-12 and be currently enrolled and in good academic standing at North. We are hoping in the future to have a middle school and elementary team.


     When are tryouts?

    Tryouts vary depending on what season you are wanting to cheer for.  Varsity White & Varsity Black are held in March. Basketball and hockey tryouts are October.


    Who can tryout?

    Any current North students (male and female) as well as any incoming students (incoming 9th graders and transfers)


    What are tryouts like?

    During tryouts, you will learn jumps, a dance, 2 cheers and the school song. The material is taught over 3 days and then you will tryout on the 4th day. Tryout material will be sent out the week before.


    Do you have to be flexible or have prior cheer experience?

    NO! We condition and train throughout the season. Everyone is welcome regardless of their experience. Judges do not take into consideration prior experience in cheer, tumbling and dance.


    When do you practice?

    Practices are after school and during the summer. 

     Varsity White

    School Year:     Mondays and Wednesdays        3:00-6:00 pm

    Summer:          Days to be determined               9:00-1:00 pm


    Varsity Black

    School Year:     Tuesdays                                    3:00-6:00 pm

    Summer:           Tuesdays                                    9:00-1:00 pm


    What is the time commitment?

    Varsity White is 6 hours a week during the school year & Varsity Black is 3 hours a week during the school year.

    Summer schedule varies but averages 8-10 hours a week for Varsity White and about 4 hours a week for Varsity Black.


    How much does it cost?

    Depending on which team/teams you make will determine your cost. Payment plans are available to help with the cost and we will work with you.


    Do you fundraise?

    YES! We do fundraisers throughout the year. Some of our fundraisers are bagging at Cub Foods, car washes, and restaurants.


    What does the money go to that we fundraise?

    Money that we fundraise goes towards cheer expenses such as UCA camp costs, practice attire, competitions, end of the year banquet and cheer team events. 


    Do you have to have school spirit?

    YES!! Cheerleaders play a role in boosting a school's spirit. School spirit can help all students feel like they belong and contributing to the school's success.  

    The five main responsibilities of a cheerleader:

    Crowd Leader

    Spirit Raiser





    Can I be in other sports while in cheer?

    Coaches will work with each cheerleader on a case by case basis. Current cheerleaders need to let the head coach about any conflicts or activities they are involved in once they join the team.


    What is GameDay cheer?

    GameDay showcases what Friday night lights is all about – leading the crowd! Teams are evaluated on their ability to lead the crowd, proper game day skill incorporations / performance, motion/dance, and overall routine. 

    Cheerleaders perform a 3 minute routine which includes a band chant, situational cheer, time-out cheer and school song.

    Click here to learn more about GameDay



    What is Competitive cheer?

    Competitive cheerleading is strength and athleticism. It showcases partner stunts, jumps, tumbling, and endurance. Teams are evaluated on technique and execution.

    Cheerleaders perform a 2 minute & 30 second routine that is set to music and includes a time-out cheer.