• What we are all about

    As a league-sponsored activity, cheerleaders serve as a support group for the interscholastic athletic program sponsored by MSHSL member schools.  We strive to boost school spirit, promote good sportsmanship and develop positive crowd involvement. North cheerleaders focus on directing the cheering of student and adult fans. In this role, cheerleaders are positive, effective student leaders.


    The philosophy of the cheerleading program at NHS has five major goals:

    1. Promote and uphold school spirit, unity, and pride.
    2. Represent the school to the highest degree.
    3. Set an example of good behavior and sportsmanship at all times (whether in uniform or not).
    4. Promote friendship with each other and with schools with whom we compete.
    5. Promote the development of lifelong values and skills that will enable them to achieve success in all future endeavors.



    • To follow AACCA School Cheer Safety Rules when stunting.
    • To promote school spirit.
    • To cheer at every game, pep-rally, competition and participate in other special events.
    • To be ready at the specified time prior to the start of a game in the appropriate uniform.
    • To be at practice on time and dressed appropriately.
    • To support all the decisions of the coaches.


    Cheer Handbook

    Student Social Media Contract