• 7th Grade Language Arts


    In 7th grade language arts we have a 4-point grading system:

    4: Exceeding expectations

    3: Meeting expectations

    2: Approaching expectations

    1: Does not meet expectations (yet!)

    ALL assignments can be completed and/or redone for FULL points before the end of each trimester. 


    Students are expected to complete the following weekly:

    • Learning Log (Students fill in their daily learning targets and reflect on their learning)
    • Reading (30 minutes, 5 days per week!)

    Students will always be given time in class to complete paper assignments. The ONLY assignment that is expected to be completed at home is the required daily reading. This reading can include magazines, books, newspaper, audiobooks, or anything else that requires students to follow a story and engage in the text. 

    Reading Portfolio

    This trimester students are expected to complete a reading portfolio. Students will read at least 3 books per tri. These will be tracked in their reading tracker. They will also complete a book breakdown for each of the books. There will be check-ins with me and checklists they can use throughout the tri to keep on track to complete the project before the end of each tri. 


    Class Structure

    Most days of class look like this:

    1--Complete the Do Now

    2--Listen to the lesson

    3--Participate in the practice

    4--Reflect on your learning with your Learning Log