• 2018 Team

    The 2018 Team Captains are: Madison Head, Marissa Hawkins, Ava Nelson

    9th Grade Awards:

    Most Valuable Player: Nalah Lorge

    Most Improved Player: Alivia Schroeder

    Best Defensive Player: Alexis LaVasseur

    Best Offensive Player: Laray Arnold


    JV  Awards:

    Most Valuable Player: Lindsey Duggan

    Most Improved Player: Lenora Lessard

    Best Defensive Player: Ariana Duran

    Best Offensive Player: Lindsey Duggan


    Varsity Awards:

    Most Valuable Player: Marissa Hawkins

    Most Improved Player: Alexa Anderson

    Best Defensive Player: Ava Nelson

    Best Offensive Player: Madison Head

    Varsity Letter Winners:

    Alexa Anderson
    Lindsey Duggan
    Corinna Hafner
    Marissa Hawkins
    Madison Head
    Lauren Henriksen
    Mary Holthe
    Lauren Lambert
    Paige Madsen
    Terrah Moshier
    Paige Mount
    Ava Nelson
    Rachel Novak
    Madison Rosenthal
    Hailey Sutton
    Megan Sweeney


  • CONGRATULATIONS to Senior Madison Head on being selected as a Prep Athlete of the Week from 4/13-5/5.



  • All Conference Honorable Mention

     Ava Nelson

     Hailey Sutton

     Mary Holthe


    All Conference 

    Madison Head

    Marissa Hawkins