• Tartan Trap Shooting Team

    Trapshooting is a club sport at Tartan. It’s run through our Activities Department and the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League (not to be confused with the MSHSL). We shoot at the Oakdale Gun Club on Monday afternoons.  The total team fee is $260 ($35 to the league, $225 to the team) and covers all targets, shells, and registration fees. You must have a Firearm Safety Certificate, your own shotgun (95% shoot a 12 gauge), and transportation to the range on Monday afternoons to participate. Students are able to earn a Varsity letter in trap shooting with a minimum season average of 19/25. Though we are not part of the Minnesota State High School League, they recognize the contributions of our club sport and host a State Tournament for the best individuals and the best teams in the state. Tartan is invited to this tournament on a regular basis.  We are very proud of the Tartan Trap Team.  

    Hello Tartan Trap Team,

    Registration for the 2021 season is now closed.

    2021 Overview The Tartan Trap Team is part of the Minnesota State High School Clay
    Target League (MSHSCTL). In 2011, Tartan’s first year of participation, there were 29 teams, 34
    schools, and 707 athletes. In 2018-19 the league covered 1,024 teams, 32,810 participants, and
    25 states. Though technically a club, we are the second-largest high school sport in Minnesota
    after football. The MSHSL is a cooperating partner with our league and conducts our State
    Tournament. Our Class Championship in Alexandria will be the largest sport shooting event in
    Minnesota and the largest shooting event in the world. Our sponsoring organization is the
    Oakdale Gun Club (OGC). Six of our coaches are volunteers from the OGC. Recently the OGC
    added two additional trap fields to their facilities. This expansion will allow our team to add
    more athletes to the roster over the 15-20 shooters that we’ve been able to accommodate in the past.
    Everyone’s score is recorded every week. We encourage shooters of all abilities to be on our

    Calendar (Subject to adjustment):
    ● Friday, March 5th Fees, Tartan registration, and League on-line
    registration due.
    ● March 8-12th Tartan Spring Break. Team shooting vests order placed.
    ● Monday evening, March 22nd Team Zoom meeting with youth, parents, and coaches.
    ● Monday, March 29th Team Zoom meeting. Have your shotgun ready - NO AMMO.
    ● Monday, March 29th Last day to withdraw from the league and receive a refund.
    ● Monday, April 5th Practice week 1 on the OGC range
    ● Monday, April 12th Practice week 2 on the OGC range
    ● Monday, April 19th Practice week 3 on the OGC range
    ● Monday, April 26nd Week one scores shot
    ● Monday, May 3rd Week two scores shot
    ● Monday, May 10th Week three scores shot.

    ● Monday, May 17th Week four scores shot

    ● Monday, May 24th Week five scores shot.

    ● Monday, May 31st Memorial Day. No school. No shooting.
    ● TBD Fun week/End of season picnic/Team awards
    ● Wednesday, June 2nd Tartan Graduation Ceremony 7 PM.
    ● Thursday, June 3rd Last day of school
    ● Monday, June 14-21st Trap Shooting Championship in Alexandria, MN

    We will shoot just ONE of these days. Probably on June 14 or
    15th. (This event is similar to MSHSL Regionals. It’s also
    the largest shooting event in the world!)

    ● Friday, June 25th MSHSL State Tournament (only if we qualify)
    ● July 7th-11th National Championships (only if we qualify)

    League Rules: Our league website for general information is here: http://mnclaytarget.com/ League
    Policies and Procedures can be found here: http://mnclaytarget.com/policies-procedures/

    Finances: It’s going to cost $225 per person to participate this year plus a $35 fee paid
    directly to the league by each individual. $225 is paid to the team and will cover all shells shot for
    practice, score, warm-ups, and tournaments. It’ll also cover all targets, league fees, and state
    meet entry fees. Checks should be made out to Tartan Trap Team and given to Coach Balfanz.
    We’ll talk about our endowment balance and team finances during our parent meeting.

    Transportation: Everyone is responsible for their own transportation to the OGC
    each week. Go home after school and get your shotgun. Do not bring it on school property.
    Get to the range as close to 3:30 as you can.

    Attendance: Everyone is expected to attend every practice and event. You’re part of a team.
    We need you here. If you know you’re going to be gone for practice, let a coach know. If you
    need to leave early for an exceptional reason, it’s OK, just let a coach know at the beginning of
    the practice. We don’t want to have just the coaches left at the end of the practice to clean up.
    We’ll start around 3:30 or as soon as we have a full squad. We all stick around until practice is

    Coaches: We’ve been very fortunate to have some very talented coaches to help our team.
    All of the OGC members/coaches are volunteers. Several have many years of trapshooting
    experience. Keep an open mind when they offer coaching suggestions. You’ll become a better
    shooter. We are looking for a few parent volunteers this season, especially someone interested in
    coordinating a team spirit wear order.

    Lettering: Students are able to earn a high school varsity letter in trap shooting. You must
    finish the regular season with an average of 19 or higher and shoot every week with your team.
    Don’t let your behavior or academic performance at school could prevent you from lettering.
    Make sure you behave and act appropriately at all school activities.
    Fee Pay Everyone should go to Tartan’s Fee Paysite and register. There is no cost for
    this registration. Your coaches want everyone to agree to the school’s Code of Conduct before
    season participation starts.

    Behavior: The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) has recognized the value of
    the MSHSCTL. Our team members are held to the same MSHSL standards (and consequences)
    as a varsity athlete. The MSHSL has expectations in school, at events, and even during off time.
    Be good. Your actions outside of school count too.

    Academics: Academics come first. Take care of your academics. Teammates with
    failing grades will be pulled from the firing line until they improve. You’ll be expected to be
    back at Tartan with a teacher if you’re not at practice. At a minimum your Week 4 and your
    Week 8 grades will be checked by your coaches. 

    Interested in being on the trap shooting team?

    Contact Mr. Balfanz