• This is a sample card


    Remember to be approachable (smile and act mature) and wear somthing that says TARTAN.


    Hi, My name is ______________________ and I am with the ________________. We are raising money for ________ and I was hoping you would like to support me.

    Customer: Sure and/or what are you selling?

    Give them a card to hold in their hand. (Do not underestimate the power of a card in their hand). It is a pretty unique deal. You are probably familiar with some type of coupon book or discount card but what makes this so unique is that it has completely free coupons on it. If you will notice, these 4 corner starred coupons are completely free large 1 topping pizzas where you do not need to spend any additional money when redeeming it. The free coupons more than pay for the entire card and the whole card is valued over $125 and is valid for a full year. Then just be quiet. Usually the next person to talk takes the card home with them.

    ? There are 3 groups of people.

    1. 10% of people who will not buy anything from anyone and/or won’t even open the door for you. Don’t take it personally. It’s life. Happens to everybody!!

    2. 10% of people who are wonderful and will buy anything from anybody to help out.

    3. 80% of people will say “maybe or what do you have” and will give you a few minutes to sell them on it. Take the time and follow guidelines above and you will have success. This is based on the experience of multiple other groups and specifically a friends son who just graduated from Apple Valley HS in 2015. He has sold over 300 of them. 100 sales in a week 3 different times over a 5 year time frame. He would normally sell 8-12 cards in 60-90 minutes.

    4. HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!