• Youth Leadership Council


    The Youth Leadership Council (YLC) provides leadership training opportunities for students who want to combat microaggressions as well as create more culturally responsive schools.
    Who Can Join? 
    Any Mahtomedi, North, or Tartan High School student is welcome to join us at our monthly meetings. 
    • Organizing (or enhancing) student groups at each high school designed to address issues of educational equity and social justice.
    • Creating opportunities to address microaggressions experienced by students in our high schools. 
    • Creating opportunities to advocate to staff and administrators about the need to create more culturally responsive classrooms and schools.  
    Transportation to Meetings
    To get a ride to the meeting and then home, contact Emily Lincoln at elincoln@isd622.org with your home address. 

    Meeting Schedule
    A new meeting schedule will be prepared for this school year. For more information, please contact Emily Lincoln at 651-748-7535 or elincoln@isd622.org.