• Transcript Requests

    Requesting Unofficial Transcripts 

    You can view your Unofficial Transcript at any time on Campus Student.

    Click here to learn How to Review Your Unofficial Transcript on Campus Student 

    Requesting Official Transcripts

    Parchment.com  is used to fulfill transcript requests for College/University applications, and for work, verifications requesting an "Official" Tartan High School transcript. If you need a transcript for insurance(good student discount) or scholarship purposes, please contact the office. You can request 2 transcripts to be sent to a college/university at NO COST. 

    *Every transcript requested after that will cost $5 each.  

    How to Request an Official Transcript: Click here to view a Parchment Video Tutorial.

    Click here to order records for learners, parents and third parties.


    1. Login to Parchment.
    2. Select "Existing Use Account" or "New Learner Account"
    3. Complete the FERPA release
    4. Click "Transcript"
    5. Select or type in a destination (college name, NCAA, common application, etc.)
    6. Select when you would like the transcript sent. Send Now or Hold for Grades. (Only Hold for Grades for mid-year or final transcript)
    7. Provide consent. If you are 18+ sign YOU complete this step. If you are younger than 18, a parent/guardian completes this step.
    8. See this for more information. 

    Instructions for New Learner Accounts
    Verify your personal email address and enter the confirmation code. Check your enrollment status. Check the box if the name on your transcript is different than your name today. Enter your date of birth. Select the years you attended Tartan High School. 

    Ordering Transcripts for the Common Application

    The Common App counts as ONE transcript and will be sent to ALL of the schools listed in your profile. No need to send them one at a time directly to the individual colleges.

    1. Create an account on the Common Application website and remember your Common App ID.
    2. Follow the instructions to invite your school counselor to be a Recommender. This will send an email to your School Counselor.
    3. Email your School Counselor.
    4. Your School Counselor accepts your invitation to be a Recommender.
    5. Once steps 1-4 are completed, sign into Parchment.
    6. Click "Order" under the name of your school.
    7. Type "Common App" into the search box and click "Select."
    8. Enter your Common App ID and then continue the ordering process. 

    Other Information

    • You will need to request an "Update" after each trimester. Open your transcript in Parchment, at the bottom is a button that says "Update", this will send a request for a "FREE Self view-No Fee." It does NOT update automatically, it will be released through the School Counseling Office to Parchment within 24-48 hours (typically sooner). See this link for more information.
    • Please add your personal email to your Parchment account. Click on this link for instructions.
    • If you don't remember your password information, please use the Parchment "Password Reset" feature. If you need login assistance or something else, you can also reach them at support.parchment.com, then "Contact Us" to create a help ticket. 
    • Most orders are fulfilled within 24-48 hours, or sooner. 
    • Students must contact their PSEO institutions directly to order official PSEO transcripts once they decide where they are going to college.

    Please make your transcript requests using the Parchment website. You must create an account to place your request. Your cost is $10.00 per request.  

    *Note: Transcripts are released daily unless it's a weekend or holiday. You can track the progress of your transcript through Parchment.