• 2019-20 Tartan Cross Country Schedule


    Aug 30th Friday Rosemount Invite 9AM at Rosemount High School

    Boys are only doing the C and Varsity races!  We will leave at 8AM.

    8:05am RAAA Youth Girls Mile (6th and under)
    8:15 RAAA Youth Boys Mile (6th and under)
    8:45 Boys JV (2 miles) (unlimited Entrants)
    9:10 Girls JV (2 miles) (unlimited Entrants)
    9:35 Boys 9th (2 miles) (9th grade and under)
    10:00 Girls C (2 miles) (unlimited Entrants)
    10:25 Boys C (2 miles) (unlimited Entrants)
    10:50 Girls V (2 miles) (limit 10 Entrants)
    11:15 Boys V (2 miles) (limit 10 Entrants)

    Sept 3rd Tuesday School Starts

     Sept 5th Thursday Hasting Invite 4:00PM at St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park

    Bus leaves at 3pm

    JV Girls: 4:00 PM (Unlimited)
    Varsity Girls: 4:35 PM (up to 10)
    Varsity Boys: 5:10 PM (up to 10)
    JV Boys: 5:45 PM (Unlimited)


    *Note: There is a $7 park fee unless you have a year pass.

     Sept. 10 Tuesday St Croix Bluffs Conference Preview at 4:00

    Bus Leaves at 3pm

    All Varsity and JV Girls: 4:20PM
    All Varsity and JV Boys: 5:00PM

    *Note: $7 parking fee unless you have a Washington County Park sticker. The conference does request that pets are left at home since there have been incidents at some meets of pets getting loose.

     Sept 14th Saturday Menomonie at 9AM

    Bus leaves at 7:15AM

    Race 1 - 8th, 7th, and 6th place runners: 9:30AM
    Race 2 - 5th, 4th and 3rd Place Runners: 10AM
    Race 3 - 2nd and 1st Place Runners: 10:30AM
    JV Boys: 11AM
    JV Girls: 11:30AM

      *Note: Positions will be based on individual finishes on Sept. 10th

     Sept 19th Thursday Farmington at Dodge Middle School at 3:30PM

    course map here

    Bus Leaves at 2:30

    Middle School Girls and Boys: 3:30PM (1600 meters)
    JV Girls: 3:45PM
    JV Boys: 4:15PM
    Varsity Girls: 4:45PM (limit 10 entrants)
    Varsity Boys: 5:15PM (limit 10 entrants)

     Sept 21st Saturday Milaca Mega Meet at Stones Throw Golf Course at 10AM

    Bus Leaves 8:00AM

    D1 Varsity Girls: 12:45PM
    D1 Varsity Boys: 1:30PM
    JV Boys: 2:00PM
    JV Girls: 2:15PM

      *Note: Please bring money! We will be stopping for lunch on the way back. You can find spectator information by clicking HERE

     Sept 27 Friday Red Wing Invitational at Red Wing High School at 4PM

    Bus Leaves TBD

    Middle School Girls and Boys: 4:00PM (3500 meters)
    JV Girls: 4:20PM
    Varsity Girls: 4:50PM (Limit 10 entrants)
    Varsity Boys: 5:20PM (Limit 10 entrants)
    JV Boys: 5:40PM

     Oct. 5th Saturday Swain Invite at Enger Park Golf Course at 11:00AM

    Swain Course Map

    Bus Leaves 8:30AM

    AA JV Boys: 12:40PM
    AA Varsity Girls: 1:50PM (Limit 7 entrants)
    AA Varsity Boys: 2:55PM (Limit 7 entrants)

     *Note: Please bring money! The rest stop on the way up has vending machines and before we head back, we go to Pizza Luce in Downtown Duluth and walk on the Lakewalk.

     Oct. 15th Tuesday Metro East Conference Champ at St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park at 3:30 PM


    Conference Course Map

    2:15 p.m. Coaches meeting at the start line area
    3:00 p.m. Boys Varsity Race -- 7 entrants maximum
    3:30 p.m. Girls Varsity Race -- 7 entrants maximum
    4:05 p.m. Boys JV Race -- unlimited entrants
    4:40 p.m. Girls JV Race -- unlimited entrants
    5:25 p.m. Awards

     Oct. 23rd Wednesday Section 4AA Champ at U of M Les Bolstad Golf Course 3:30PM

    Sections Course Map

    Bus Leaves TBD

    Varsity Boys: 3:00PM (Limit 7 entrants)
    Varsity Girls: 3:35PM (Limit 7 entrants)
    JV Boys: 4:05PM
    JV Girls: 4:45PM

     Nov. 2nd Saturday State Meet AM