• Schedule Change Requests

    Any request for a schedule change must be made through the online schedule change form or by emailing your School Counselor. No changes will be made after the deadline, Thursday, March 4th. Students are required to check their school email for any updates regarding their schedule. Only in certain situations can a schedule be changed. Counselors will complete approved trimester three schedule changes by March 19th. Please check your student portal and school email. Courses dropped after this time frame may result in an academic penalty and/or loss of credit. Please keep in mind that the hour of the day of your year-long classes could change. For example, you could have Biology 4th Hour during Trimester 2 and 5th Hour during Trimester 3.

    Appropriate reasons for a schedule change:

    • Prerequisites that have not been fulfilled
    • Medical need (requires official documentation)
    • PSEO scheduling conflict
    • Replace a class not required for graduation for a study hall (on-track Juniors and Seniors only)
    • Fix an error

    Not all requests for schedule changes can be honored. Examples of requests not honored are:

    • Specific teacher request
    • Desire to have class at a certain time of the day
    • Student changed their mind