• Schedule Change Requests

    Students are able to view schedules through the Student Campus. Schedules are based on the classes students registered for.

    • Any request for a schedule change must be made through the online schedule change form.
    • No change requests can be made after the first week of the trimester.
    • Students are required to check their school email for any updates regarding their schedule.
    • Only in certain situations can a schedule be changed.
    • Please check your student campus and school email.
    • Courses dropped after this time frame may result in an academic penalty and/or loss of credit.


    Appropriate reasons for a schedule change:

    • Prerequisites that have not been fulfilled
    • Medical need (requires official documentation)
    • Acceptance into an alternate academic program (PSEO, 916, BPA, DECA, etc.)
    • Replace a class not required for graduation for a study hall, early release, or late start (on-track Juniors and Seniors only)
    • Fix an error


    Not all requests for schedule changes can be honored. Examples of requests not honored are:

    • Specific teacher request
    • Desire to have class at a certain time of the day
    • Desire to have a certain lunch schedule
    • Student changed their mind

    *AP courses are college-level curriculum and require a full school year commitment. Students self-select their participation and should be ready for the rigors of the class. Students will not be allowed to drop an AP course unless the criteria for a schedule change are met.

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