• Pick one or more of these fun STEM activities to try at home. After you try one out, take a picture and send it to Ms. Huntley at nhuntley@isd622.org. I can't wait to see what you create!

  • Paper Chain Challenge

    Become an engineer and build the longest paper chain only using the materials listed below.


    • One piece of construction paper
    • Scissors
    • Tape

    Criteria: create the longest paper chain

    Constraints: You may only use the materials provided. You do not get to use extra pieces of paper when you run out.


    • Ask- think about what a paper chain looks like, look up some pictures to help you out.
    • Imagine- come up with a few different designs for your paper chain. Think about different ways you can cut the paper to make the chain, how you can fold it, connect them, etc.
    • Plan- choose one of your ideas and create a detailed plan. How are you going to make it possible. 
    • Create- build your paper chain! If you want an added challenge, only give yourself 15 minutes to do it. 
    • Improve- once you are done building your chain observe it and see what you could do better. Once you have an idea, try the challenge again and see if you can beat your first chain. 

    Paper chain examples

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