• Career and College Exploration

    Future Careers

    Animal Caretakers

    A few of our aspiring veterinarians and future animal caretakers visited the new and improved North St. Paul Animal Hospital to see Dr. Sara Bruehl. Kids got to see a lot, question a lot and learn a lot.  Here's a few pics of our trip.

    8th grade students visit North St. Paul Animal Hospital  Viewing Xrays

    Future Architects 

    Seven of our aspiring architects took a trip to see two local architectural firms. The first was a small company with a single architect and a draftsman, who designed the remodel of the Myth nightclub near Maplewood Mall. The second stop was to a very large firm with architects, draftsman, business developers, management, fabricators, and installers working in their North St. Paul office and doing field work throughout the community.  Students heard about the work that they have done on exterior stadium facades, including some of the work at US BANK Stadium.  

          (Sorry no photos available from this trip)

    Future Artists

    Students traveled to this sculpture garden in Franconia. The tour guide was great, and gave a lot of insights into what it would be like to live at this park and to be a professional artist.    At the end of our tour, our kids made a mobile out of lots of materials they provided like wire, string, paper, foam paper, stickers, etc. of all kinds of colors and patterns.  They were all very quiet until our tour guide asked them all to explain why they made what they did and this is where I should have recorded their responses.  It was amazing to hear their reason for why they picked their colors, created the shapes they did and arranged them in order to create a small piece of art.  Not a lot of words, but very powerfully done.


    Art 1   art 3

    art 2   art 4

    art 5   



  • Actors and Performers


    Students saw a performance at the Penumbra Theater. They had a chance to meet the cast and crew after the show and ask questions about each of their roles.


      theater 1


    theater 2


    theater 3

  • Future Zoologists, Biologists, and Wildlife Managers


    Students took a trip to the Wildlife Science Center near Stacey, MN. 

    Dr. Peggy Callahan was the tour guide and her niche in the world is mainly Wolf research and education.  She and her husband have owned this 180-acre facility that is only about 35 miles away, for over 25 years and are leading experts in their field.  Housing most of the five different species of Wolves in North America, she conducts research for the DNR, Wolf protection activists, and Wolf hunts.  In addition to the wolves, she has bears, coyotes, fox, bobcats, lynx, snakes, spiders, etc.  It was quite the zoo, but a zoo with a purpose and the kids learned a lot. 

    Due to the nature of our group, she gave the kids an extended, detailed, back gate tour she normally doesn't do for most tour groups. Due to her long time handling and training with all these animals, she could call them up to the fence almost like pets, so students had the chance to get close and watch her interact with these animals. 

    zoo 1   zoo 2 zoo 3
  • St. Cloud State University

    7th-grade AVID students visited the St. Cloud State University campus.

    SCSU 1    scsu3

    scsu 5