• Youth Swimming Lessons
    • For children 6 years and older
    • American Red Cross Learn to Swim Levels 1–6 give youth the opportunity to swim in a safe environment. Students learn to swim at their own pace and master skills as they progress through the 6 levels
    • Classes are 45 minutes 
    • Instructors teach from the pool deck


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    District 622 families who qualify for free and reduced lunch may request 25% reduced rates for group swim lessons when registering online.
    Level 1 & 2: Fundamental Skills
    This class requires an adult in the water to assist the swimmer.
    Introduction to water skills—floating, gliding, leg and arm movements.

    Level 3: Stroke Development
    An adult should be prepared to assist in the water if the instructor finds it is needed.
    Passed Level 2 or can jump in deep water, swim on front and back for 30 feet. Class skills include Front Crawl, introduction to Elementary Backstroke and deep water.

    Level 4: Stroke Improvement
    Passed Level 3. Elementary Backstroke, Sidestroke, Butterfly kick.

    Level 5 & 6: Stroke Refinement, Fitness & Safety
    Passed Level 4. Develop techniques to improve fitness and endurance with additional emphasis on stroke refinement. Skills include Breaststroke, Butterfly, Sidestroke, survival float, self-rescue techniques, and survival swimming.