• How to Create an Account in Eleyo

    If you have registered for a Community Education program in the past (including Preschool, Swimming Lessons, Driver's Ed, Youth or Adult Enrichment or Adventure Connection), you may use the same login. If not, please follow these steps to create an account:

    1. Go to https://isd622.ce.eleyo.com/ 

    2. Choose the Adventure Connection or Epic Connection icon

    3. Click Enroll Now and create an account (you may also sign in with Facebook or Google)

    4. Complete the form (any areas with stars in the corner are required) and click Create Account

    5. Complete the form to add your child and click Add New Child

    6. If you have more than one child, add them by clicking +Add New Child on the left-hand side and repeat the above step. If not, click Looks Good. Start Registering

    7. Follow these steps to complete the registration.