• COVID-19 Bus Safety

    Bus Procedures during COVID-19 

    The COVID-19 pandemic required adjustments in student transportation, so please review the information below to ensure your child and all students have a safe and successful bus experience this school year.

    Students must be registered and approved to ride school buses.

    • All registered students will receive a postcard (via mail) with a bus route assignment. 
    • Postcards will arrive at the end of the week of August 16th.
    • Seats will be assigned and face coverings are required for all riders.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available on the bus for student use.
    • Students must sit at least 6ft away from the driver and will not be allowed to sit in the first two rows, unless instructed to do so by the driver.

    Students and families should perform a self-health screen before they attend school every day.

    • Parents need to perform a COVID-19 Daily Screening of their children before sending them to school. Your student must stay home if they have any of these symptoms.


    Bus Safety and Behavior Guidelines

    At the bus stop

    • Students and families should maintain a six-foot distance from others waiting at the bus stop.
    • Avoid physical contact with other students at the bus stop.

    Hygiene and safety on school buses

    • All students should wash their hands prior to arriving at the school bus stop.
    • All students will always be required to wear an approved face mask while boarding and riding a school bus.
    • Each bus will have hand sanitizer available for student use.

    Safety precautions that District 622 will be taking this school year

    • All buses will be sanitized with EPA approved cleaning products at the end of each day.  High contact areas such as handrails and the tops of seats will be sanitized by bus drivers between runs.
    • Roof ventilation hatches and bus windows will be partially opened to provide fresh air circulation when possible.

    Safety precautions when arriving at the schools

    • All students should exit the bus when arriving at school as directed by the school staff.  
    • Elementary School students will be escorted off the buses and directed to their assigned classrooms.
    • Middle and High School students should avoid all unnecessary congregation points at the front doors, entrances, hallways, and lockers. Please go to your classrooms.

    Bus seat stickers - do not sit where the yellow ones are posted: