The period for filing affidavits of candidacy for the office of school board member of Independent School District No. 622 shall begin on July 28, 2020, and shall close at 5:00 o'clock p.m. on August 11, 2020. The general election shall be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.  At that election, four (4) members will be elected to the School Board for terms of four (4) years each.

    The filing fee for School Board is $2.  A candidate for this office must be an eligible voter, must be 21 years of age or more on assuming office, must have been a resident of the school district from which the candidate seeks election for thirty (30) days before the general election, and must have no other affidavit on file for any other office at the same primary or next ensuing general election.

    Due to COVID-19, ISD 622 Elections is planning public contact with public health recommendations in mind.  Candidates will have two options to file affidavits of candidacy with ISD 622 Elections.

    Appointment with ISD 622 Elections: Schedule a 15 to 20-minute appointment with filing staff following social distancing guidelines and recommendations. For details prior to filing in-person call 651-748-7561 or email jmccabe@isd622.org to schedule your appointment.

    Drop-in visit: One candidate will be queued to file at a time per social distancing guidelines. You may need to wait in the DEC vestibule until staff is available to serve you.

    How should you prepare to file for office? 
    You may complete all parts of the affidavit of candidacy except your signature, which must be witnessed by an official authorized to administer oaths. 

    Note: residential address and phone number are required; an affidavit cannot be accepted without this information. You must also be prepared to pay the required filing fee of $2.00 or file a petition in place of the filing fee.  Once you have completed your affidavit of candidacy you will receive a candidate filing packet.