• Schedule Change Request

    Schedule Changes/Course Drops

    Requesting a schedule change for 3rd trimester of the 2022/2023 school year, click here to fill out this form! NOTE: No changes will be considered after Thursday, March 23rd.

    Course offerings and teacher staffing for North High School are determined by initial student registration. Solid rationale is required in order to make a schedule change. After the first week of each trimester, a student's schedule is considered a final agreement between the student and the school. 

    Schedule changes will be considered for the following reasons:

    1. Medical or physical restriction - Documentation required (example: a student has a broken bone which prevents participation in PE)
    2. Computer error  (example: Student is scheduled in English 9A and 9C, but not English 9B)
    3. Academic misplacement (example: Student is scheduled for Spanish 2, but has not yet passed Spanish 1)
    4. PSEO (Students must provide a copy of their college course schedule to their counselor)
    5. The change is a recommendation of a student's IEP or 504 plan.

    Attention 11th and 12th graders- Schedule changes will be considered through the first week of the trimester for the following reasons:

    • Requesting to do School Service (11th and 12th graders only-School Service Form also required)
    • Requesting Early Release/Late Arrival (12th graders only-Early Release/Late Arrival Form required)

    Schedule change requests that will NOT be considered include the following:

    • Student no longer wants to take a class that he or she signed up for during registration
    • Student wants to move a class to a different trimester or hour
    • Student wants a different teacher
    • Student wants a different lunch period
    • Student wants to be in a class with his or her friend