• Committee Charge
    The 622 Boundary Committee is charged with developing new boundaries to be implemented in the fall of 2022. The committee will use the School Board’s Guiding Principles, the School District Mission, and the expertise of district leadership to provide the foundation of the boundaries. Committee members are expected to strive for boundaries that create equitable learning environments for all learners, serve our community now and into the future, and efficiently utilize district resources.

  • Guiding principles for boundary changes
    The 622 School Boundaries for the fall of 2022 will adhere to the following Guiding Principles to the greatest extent possible. We understand that all eight principles may not be attainable for every school and household. A transparent and public process guided by these statements will result in equitable, future-focused boundaries for the students and families of District 622.

    School boundaries in District 622:

    1. Will be largely contiguous boundaries 
    2. Will balance socio-economic status 
    3. Will balance school communities of color and spoken languages 
    4. Will last for 5-7 years, but may need to be changed based on district demographic and housing trends 
    5. Will limit the time on a bus to 30 minutes, to the extent possible 
    6. Will keep walking distances to ½ mile for elementary school notwithstanding unsafe walking conditions 
    7. Open enrolled students will move to schools with their cohorts to the extent possible 
    8. Intra-district transfers will follow the current district procedures