• Habit Chat Cards

    Habit Chat Cards can be used to start conversations based on the 7 Habits that help us connect with each other anywhere, anytime. Use these cards with your students to spark conversations about the 7 Habits and dive deeper into them at home. The cards are not meant to be used all at once or in order. Pull out one or a few at a time. Below are examples of a card for each of the 7 Habits.

     Click the Habit Chat Cards link to access more of the cards.

    Habit #1 - Be Proactive

    Habit #2 - Begin with the End in Mind

    Habit #3 - Put First Things First

    Habit #4 - Think Win-Win

    Habit #5 -  Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

    Habit #6 - Synergize

    Habit #7 - Sharpen the Saw