• How to Register

    1. Go to our registration website.

    2. Click Enroll Now and log in to your account as prompted. How to create an account

    3. On the left-hand side, choose the child you would like to register. If the child you wish to register is not listed, click +Add New Child and complete the form for each child.

    4. Make sure the information looks correct, Edit or choose Looks Good. Start Registering.

    5. Make sure the emergency contacts are correct (each child will need a minimum of 2 emergency contacts), toggle the button if the contacts are able to pick up the child/ren from Adventure Connection and click Verify Contacts/Pickups and Continue.

    6. Under "Choose a Season", select AC Summer 2022 or AC School Year 2022-2023.

    7. Read through the pricing information if you wish.

    8. Under "Choose a Location", choose your child’s site and click Use Location and Continue.

    9. Read the terms and conditions. Check the box if you agree to them and click Accept Terms and Continue.

    10. Select the desired start date, end date and schedules for each section and click Complete Schedule Setup and Continue.

    11. Answer all applicable questions on the form (any with a gold star in the corner are required) and click Complete Questions and Continue.

    12. Enter the payment method for the registration fee. If you have already paid a registration fee for the summer, you will not be charged another one. If you are registering more than one child, each registration will ask for this information, but you will only be charged one fee per family.

    13. If you would like your payment method to be set up for autopay (automatic withdrawals on invoice due dates), check the box below the payment information. If you would prefer to make payments manually, leave that box blank. Click Complete Registration.

    14. To register another child, click the box Sign another child up for Adventure Connection.

    You will receive an email for each contract that is received successfully, and the contracts will appear on your Account Management page under Current and Upcoming Contracts. If you do not see this email, please check your junk mail folder. If you do not receive the email and the contract does not appear on your account, you may not have submitted properly. Please contact apolos@isd622.org. You will receive another email when the contract/s are approved.