AVID is a program for students who are interested in attending college but could use support to become a better student and navigate the college application process.  Grades 9 and 10 primarily focus on skills like writing, taking Cornell notes, asking good questions, organization and leadership while grades 11 and 12 are more focused on applying to college, preparing for the ACT, applying to scholarships, and narrowing the college search.  Complete the following application to be considered for an interview for North's AVID program.  Once applications are submitted, the AVID coordinator will reach out for an interview.

    AVID:  Program Coordinator:  Sara Martinez  smartinez@isd622.org  Rm 101  Phone:  651-748-6126

    AVID 9:  Erin Destics  edestics@isd622.org  Rm 357  Phone:  651-748-6140

    AVID 10:  Patrick Leslie  pleslie@isd622.org  Rm 114  Phone:  651-748-6197

    AVID 11:  Kindra Molin  kmolin@isd622.org  Rm 357   Phone:  651-748-6149

    AVID 12:  Elaine Simon  esimon@isd622.org  Rm 301  Phone:  651-748-6151


    AVID Application


    Upward Bound/Trio

    Century College Upward Bound/Trio is a federally-funded TRIO program designed to help high school students reach college by providing academic guidance and in-person support.  Upward Bound serves students with the desire, potential and motivation to successfully complete school and go to the college of their choice.


    • Students who meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 (as a ninth-grader) or 2.5 (as a tenth grader)
    • Students from families who meet federal income guidelines and/or families where neither parent has a four-year college degree
    • Students who are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

    North Upward Bound Advisors:  Wennica Yang  wennica.yang@century.edu and Bethany Sekora  bethany.sekora@century.edu


    College Possible

    Want to earn a college degree?  Looking for FREE support and personalized coaching?  College Possible Minnesota is coaching low-income students to and through college.  College Possible is a national college access and success organization with over 20 years of experience supporting students as they earn their college degrees.  Dedicated AmeriCorps members serve as guides, coaching students on their path to college graduation.  We are proud to be serving more than 2,500 high school students attending 56 high schools across the state, and 5,500 college students on 249 campuses across the country.


    Junior Coach:  Tay Hodges Contact Information: thodges@collegepossible.org  Google Voice:  651-571-0359  Link to Calendy to schedule a time to talk to your Coach about the Junior Program.  The Junior Curriculum orients students to the college application process, provides extensive preparation for the ACT/SAT exam, introduces students to college life through campus tours, and allows time for students to apply for summer enrichment opportunities.

    Senior Coach:  Clancy Loebl Contact Information:  cloebl@collegeossible.org  Google Voice:  612-888-0949  Link to Calendy to schedule a time to talk to your Coach about the Senior Program.  The Senior Curriculum expands and continues the college readiness journey students start in their Junior Year and leads students through the college application process.  This happens through assisting students in applying to college, financial aid applications (FAFSA or MN Dream Act), and scholarships.  In addition to applications, students will participate in 1:1's with their coach and group conversations within the cohort designed to guide students through the transition to college.


    Attention 11th graders!  All of the students that join our program are seeking support with ACT content and to receive guidance on the college application process.  Read about Melanie's experience.    Interested?  Learn more about the program and APPLY!

    Go to:  www.collegepossible.org/join

    Questions?  Email to mnrecruitment@collegepossible.org

    Interested?  Learn more about the program and APPLY!