• Back to school

    We are looking forward to the 2022-2023 school year! District 622 Pre-K begins Monday, September 12, 2022.

  • Pre-K Parent-Child Orientations

    Meet your teacher and see your classroom! This orientation is for students and their parents/guardians and lasts approximately one hour.

    Scroll down to find your child's class.

  • Beaver Lake AM (Koala and Bumblebee classes)

  • Beaver Lake PM (Koala and Bumblebee classes)

  • Beaver Lake ECSE self-contained classes

  • Carver AM

  • Carver PM

  • Castle AM

  • Castle PM

  • Cowern AM

  • Cowern PM

  • Eagle Point AM

  • Eagle Point PM

  • Gladstone AM

  • Gladstone ECSE self-contained classes

  • Justice Alan Page AM

  • Justice Alan Page PM

  • Pre-K School Supplies

    • Backpack large enough to fit a sheet of paper, labeled with child's name.
    • A complete change of clothing to keep at school. Label each item with your child's name.
    • Your child's teacher may announce opportunities to donate additional items, such as tissues, wipes, or snacks. 

    Complete the Application for Educational Benefits

    Completed applications allow District 622 to receive funding for classroom programming. This funding helps us stretch our local dollars further. You could qualify for reduced fees on sports, drama, Community Ed opportunities, and more.  Learn more and start your application here.


    Regular attendance in Pre-K programming supports children's school readiness. Because attendance is so important, the State of Minnesota requires that students be dropped from a state scholarship after 15 consecutive absences. Each week of absence counts as five days toward the 15. This policy is in place to be sure that scholarships are being used by families that are committed to their children attending school regularly.

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